Our Economy Matters

Queensland is a great place to live, but across our globe we see economic injustices happening at home and abroad with frightening regularity. The economy is far too often seen as a tool for profiteering, rather than the providing opportunities for the peoples of the world to sustain their families and prosper. Our Economy Matters and standing up against the things we know are wrong is the first step towards delivering on our vision of a more equitable, decent and open society and an economy that works to this goal.

Robin Hood Tax- turning a global crisis into a global opportunity.


Robin Hood Tax KangarooUnion members are working for a better tax system that delivers the benefits of our economic successes in Australia and abroad and not just for the few. By supporting a tiny tax on large financial transactions we can take big steps to tackle global poverty and invest in the future of working people across communities. Join with millions of other people fighting for a fairer global economy with a Robin Hood Tax.





Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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