Decent Work

Many of us enjoy stable, safe employment that enables us to lead richer lives and provide for our families, but there is still more to do. The same cannot be said for many Australians and people in our region. When employers are controlling people’s lives and paying next to nothing - something is drastically wrong. Our support is needed to strengthen workers' efforts to improve their conditions and create power to achieve decent work.

Fair Wear - working to end sweatshops in Australia and Overseas

Stand up for a fair go and respect by being part of the FairWear campaign for a better future for exploited workers.


fairwear logoBeing union is about securing better decent working conditions and respect for workers. The FairWear campaign is about our community standing alongside workers who are trying to eliminate unsafe practices and get dignity for the work that they do. If we can Work Together then these workers, predominately female, can build better lives and we can provide decent economic opportunities and recognise the efforts of outworkers and domestic workers in our economy.

Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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