Queensland working families are a resilient bunch that band together in times of crisis to look out for those that are in trouble. Public sector workers are the frontline in providing services to those in the community in need and part of planning for our future. However, there is still more to do. We still see things happen in our backyards and in far off places that just aren’t right, things that rub us the wrong way and definitely have no place in the better world we are building for our kids. If our Queensland communities stand together for the things that are the most important to us and our families we can build a better life for those around us and for those that we are connected with around the world.

That's why Together members are Working Together for a better community right here, across Australia and to tackle challenges that people around the world face in trying to build better lives for their families.

Union members have always recognised that the project is bigger than just workplace conditions. To build a better life for working families we need to use our collective power and harness the energy of each individual to make changes on a bigger scale for workers, for our economy, for our land and for a more inclusive future.

Working Together gives Queensland working people the opportunity to join forces with other unions and community groups to build enduring relationships for change. Your combined voice means more wins and steps towards the future that working people need.

Working people coming together to tackle the issues of the day has been the driving force behind the big improvements in our society over hundreds of years. Unions as centres of progressive power have a leading role to play in overcoming new challenges and creating opportunity.

Now, more than ever, well resourced lobbyists and special interest groups are throwing everything in their efforts to defend the status quo. Those who profit from the exploitation of workers, that think our natural environment is a dumping ground, that our economy is for nothing more than protecting their mega riches and to protect vested interests Together members and our partners are ready to take on this power because of the reality that with our efforts Australia can be a better place for all regardless of our background.

Working Queenslanders across our public sector, in Brisbane City Council, in private health and aged care, universities, airlines and across other sectors have shown in 2011 that they are stronger together when it comes to getting a deal for decent work, safety and secure jobs.

Working Together is about standing shoulder to shoulder with other working people in 2012, it is about saying our land is too important to risk, that our economy should deliver for working people and be focussed on investing in our kids future and inclusive communities.

That's what Working Together is all about and why we are asking you to join this movement to build better lives.

Let's get to it!

Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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