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Have your say on MOCA3

Posted by Alex Scott on August 25, 2012

The MOCA 2 Agreement expired on May 31 2012.  Negotiations have been occurring for many months in the effort to secure a new bargaining agreement. Prior to this current draft Queensland Health wanted to make cuts in many crucial areas.  After the involvement of the Industrial Relations Commission, Together delegates have been able to secure a proposal which contains many improvements on the last offer from government and while it is still not all that doctors asked for it is a significant shift of the government's position.

That's why your Together delegate colleagues are recommending that all Together members covered by the MOCA agreement should have a chance to vote on the proposal.  The government will also be balloting all staff on the proposed agreement in the next few weeks.

The main features of the proposed agreement are as follows

  • Annual wage increases of 2.5% at 1 July 2012, 1 July 2013, 1 July 2014
  • 2.5% per annum increase to all-purpose allowances
  • Increase to Vocational Training Subsidy from $1500 to $2000 per annum for RMOs
  • Maintains commitments to parental leave and long service leave in the Agreement.
  • Continues current eligibility for annual pay increments
  • Fatigue provisions to apply when on call.
  • Removals proximate call requirements
  • Simplified process for extended hours rosters for senior medical officers with protections for current SMO’s
  • The Clinical/Medical Managers Allowance to be preserved but changed from “all purpose” to a “stand alone” allowance for new recipients
  • Preserved entitlements for current Clinical and Medical Administrators as an all-purpose allowance
  • Additionally, an audit will be conducted to ensure the allowance is correctly applied.
  • Standardisation of overtime and RMO on call
  • Greater flexibility for local Health and Hospital Services to consult locally regarding issues affecting the medical workforce
  • Simplification of the provisions of the current agreement, including overtime and on call arrangements, to assist with payroll processing
  • Commitment to clinical productivity and rationalisation of ‘non-clinical time’
  • Greater accountability through the performance management processes with regards to the use of professional development leave and allowance
  • Greater flexibility to ensure a local HHS can structure a service to respond to service needs
  • Discontinues the Memorandum of Understanding 2009.
  • Re-states a commitment to collective industrial relations

QH have also committed to a review of the MO3/MO4 classification structure and the right of private practice arrangements and to continue to discuss a pro-rata Motor Vehicle Allowance for part time doctors.

As you can see the government have insisted on changing the EB provisions for SMO's to make it easier to roster doctors to work extended hours. While Together negotiators have not been able to throw this claim out completely, they have been able to preserve the right for existing senior doctors to reasonably negotiate the requirement for such arrangements and to also ensure that access to training, quality assurance and overall services are not adversely impacted.

A more detailed summary and the full draft agreement of the proposed agreement can be viewed at

This proposed agreement is a significant step forward from previous offers by Queensland Health and although it does not deal with all of the items from our log of claims, was the best outcome delegates could achieve in what was a very tough round of bargaining.

Many of conditions that Health were seeking to remove from staff have been overturned and improvements in important areas have been won. We urge members to consider the agreement carefully.

You can vote in the poll at or by emailing Please include your membership number or date of birth in the body of the email and YES or NO, in the subject line. The poll closes at 5pm on Friday 31 August.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your union for more information on 1800 177 244 or