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Blueprint threat to public health and MO working conditions

Posted by Alex Scott on April 5, 2013

This is a very difficult time for all of us and our colleagues as services are reduced, jobs are cut and the government prepares to privatise important services. This is a time when we need to stand shoulder to shoulder to ensure that members can continue to provide the best possible care and treatment to Queenslanders

We have already seen that this government is prepared to use their legislative power to override your industrial entitlements. Now, the Minister's "blueprint for health" foreshadows privatisation of health services and potentially forcing senior doctors onto individual contracts to take away your overtime and other entitlements.

The government is proposing essentially to hollow out Queensland's public services by privatisation. A hospital building may still be government owned but the health services will be delivered by private companies for profit, reducing government accountability for health services. See more here.

On 10 May the government will be launching its "Queensland Plan" in Mackay - but we need to make sure the plan is one that delivers quality public services, not handing them over to private corporations for a profit.

Together is also currently participating in a review of private practice arrangements for SMO's and the implementation of other certified agreement conditions for all medical officers including ensuring proper pay for junior doctors on rural rotation. But for these to be successful and achieve the best outcomes for medical officer members, we need you to be involved. We know that when members have a strong voice in the workplace we can win.

Here are three things that you can do today to ensure that you are a strong union in your workplace to oppose cuts to your conditions and outsourcing of important services:

  1. Become a Together contact so we have a strong network of Together doctors (please reply to this email).
  2. Talk to your colleagues about being a part of your union to oppose the destruction of public health.
  3. Join the Working for Queenslanders movement here.