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Ballot update

Posted by Alex Scott on September 17, 2012

As we advised last week the government has rushed legislation through Parliament to override enterprise bargaining agreements.

This means that Part 8 of the proposed agreement in relation to organisational change and restructuring will cease to apply (see QLD Health Factsheet).

However, Together has challenged this legislation in the Supreme Court of Queensland as being unconstitutional and if our challenge is successful the clause will be apply.

Doctors covered by this agreement will continue to have rights to be consulted about organisational change and redundancies under the relevant Awards, although this consultation has been watered down by the legislation.

The government and Queensland Health have also removed employment security for doctors through this legislation and the proposed agreement. Employment security remains a serious issue, but it is unlikely that this will be resolved through further bargaining with Queensland Health because of the legislation and the government's position.

Together delegates are of the view that the agreement remains the best that can be achieved through negotiations, under the current government.

For employment security to be a reality for anyone in the public sector we need to be able to change the governments mind about these policies. We need to do this though engagement with voters in our communities and politicians in our electorates.  You can be involved in these activities in your local areas by emailing 

We will need to keep fighting to protect patients and the quality of patient care from funding cuts, outsourcing and closing down of health services. To be involved in this fight please email