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Anger builds over QH ‘offer’

Posted by Alex Scott on June 15, 2012

A week after being given Queensland Health's shock 'offer' for a new agreement (see last week's MOCA update), Queensland Health sought the unions' responses.

Members' meetings

Over the past week Together has held a number meetings at the workplaces of our negotiation delegates to sample members’ views on the QH offer.

Note: One last meeting of this particular kind is planned for PA hospital next Tuesday 19 June in Training Room 4L1A (Level 4 Blue lifts) from 12 noon to 1pm.

Feedback at these meetings has been overwhelmingly uniform to date – the offer is not only completely unacceptable but it borders on irresponsibility. Many believe it is likely to give rise to resignations and a breakdown of health services .

Furthermore, doctors are prepared to express their displeasure, more doctors in general  than there were during the crisis of 2005.

QH is wants to embrace a paradigm of unfettered managerial prerogative on virtually everything, and all this without a safety net - nd along the way abandoning a commitment to research education and training as core business, whilst devaluing the worth of their valued doctors.  Many doctors will be significantly financially penalised for staying in the public system, have their current industrial rights removed and their professional lives significantly altered.

Together has not had to convince members of the need to take a stand. Our doctor members are clearly interested in doing whatever it will take to put an end to this folly.

The activity this week (holding meetings to sample views and consider protest action) is being noticed. We believe QH is alert to a groundswell of anger. That anger properly channelled will drive change.

Together delegates' response to the so-called offer

Our response to QH at a meeting on 13 June was brief  - it is most certainly not an offer in any positive sense, we reject it and demand QH come back to us with a realistic offer that bears some resemblance to what the parties have discussed over the past several months.

Having wasted a great deal of our time QH are now saying that time is of the essence and they want an agreement with us ASAP. Without a major reversal in their position there is not likely to be one. Naturally we will inform you of any developments - positive or negative.

What can you do to help?

We are inviting members to show their support for Together’s stance in negotiations and to wear a sticker on Wednesday when your delegates will again meet with Queensland Health. The simple act of wearing a Together sticker sends a powerful message of conviction and support.

In the coming week, stickers will be available from the following delegates in the following locations:

  • Sandy Donald (Cairns)
  • Paul de Jong (Hervey Bay)
  • Mark Coghlan (Nambour)
  • John Murray (TPCH)
  • Kerry Brandis (Gold Coast)
  • At PAH, stickers will be available at the meeting mentioned above

For members in other locations who wish to join in the campaign for future Wear a Sticker Wednesdays you can phone Jenny Cannon on 0438502001 to arrange for stickers to be sent to you for distribution in the workplace.

 We also ask that you continue to encourage colleagues to:

Finally – Option A Private Practice Contract Extensions

If you haven’t already returned your signed offer of a 12 month extension of your private practice contract and you want to support our claim to secure your supplementary benefit you may wish to add the following notation to the document and initial it:

"I agree to this extension pending revision of the template contract by agreement with Together"