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Ambulance Ramping Report

Posted by Together Health Team on October 19, 2012

Queensland Health has released a report on ambulance ramping in public hospitals. This was based on a review conducted by the MEDAI (Metropolitan Emergency Department Access Initiative) into processes in metropolitan hospitals. The MEDAI advisory committee and working group was made up of representatives from Qld Health, the Qld Ambulance Service, the Nurses Union and the United Voice union. Your union was not included as a stakeholder in the process.

The report is here.

There have also been media reports of the report being hurriedly implemented without any consultation about the implementation.

The report makes a number of recommendations and members have expressed concerns about the impacts of implementation of the report, particularly in regional areas which were not part of the review.

Together is seeking feedback on the report, its recommendations and implementation from our members in order to advocate on behalf of Medical Officers about the industrial and clinical impacts of the report and its implementation.

In particular we are interested in any information you have about the implementation of the recommendations in your Hospital or Health Service, and your views about the impacts of the recommendations for your working conditions, patient outcomes and the efficiency and good management of the Health and Hospital Service.

Some questions to consider are:

  • Do you think the recommendations will improve the long standing problems with Qld Emergency Departments?

If not working in an Emergency Department:

  • how will direct ward admission effect your workload?
  • What will the likely effects be on clinical services or patient safety?

For Regional or Rural members in particular:

  • Is it clear to you whether you are affected by these rules?
  • Has there been any discussion about how you can report issues?
  • Do you believe there is an existing strategy to deal with excessive ED workload in your hospital?

We will then be formulating a response to the report and a strategy for responding on a state-wide or Hospital Board basis. We will be seeking for delegates and members to lead the response at local Health and Hospital Service level as clinical experts in their fields.

Please provide your feedback to by COB Friday 26 October and include your role and which Hospital and Health Service you work in.