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29 June update

Posted by Alex Scott on June 29, 2012

At the eleventh hour once again this week Queensland Health advised Together that there would be no meeting on Wednesday to progress MOCA negotiations. We had in fact been led to believe that a second offer which was before government would be put to us.

Instead QH proposed a meeting for today (Friday) to outline key issues and go over, in detail, the changes they want to make to the current agreement in terms of stripping out many conditions and protections.  We have in fact already had a number of meetings to outline the key issues.  After making specific enquiries on two occasions as to whether a second and realistic offer would be put at their proposed meeting on Friday QH avoided the question.

The only conclusion that can be drawn from this is there is no second and realistic offer.

It is fanciful to think that we would agree to an agenda that was all one-sided. It would simply be a waste of our time so we declined the meeting offer.

Instead,Together has now filed an application in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission for assistance to help make an agreement. This matter will be heard for the first time next Tuesday, 3 July.

Members should not make the mistake of thinking this is the end of the battle – in fact it is the beginning of another that will take a huge amount of commitment, energy, time, and resources from the whole negotiation team (and membership). It is back to square one – almost – but we are gearing up for the fight knowing there is no alternative.

We are very heartened by the responses of more and more doctor members writing to us saying they are concerned, they support what we are doing and want stickers sent to them so they can demonstrate their support publicly. A new batch of stickers with a couple of different messages on them will be available early next week. We will send a supply to every one who has already asked for some from the last batch. The messages should be easy for any doctor to support e.g Doctors for reasonable rosters; Sustainable staffing – sustainable health service; Doctors support (sustainable) reform

Our call to all members this week:

  1. Send us your address to post you a supply of stickers for wearing in your workplace
  2. Wear one at least every Wednesday – wearing one every day would be even better – we can keep the supply coming as long as you will wear them.
  3. Ask friends and colleagues if they have signed our publicly available petition or if they had trouble accessing the site sign here. If you have signed and did not enter a comment but have a view on the situation go back and enter a comment.. You may be interested to know that there are now  well over 1000 signatures on our petition – a fantastic response but with government so entrenched in its hardline position we would like to double or triple that number.