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Contracts starting today

Posted by Dan Goldman on August 4, 2014

Today the SMO and VMO contracts take effect for those who have signed them and private practice benefits will cease for those who have chosen not to.

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Health minister and Your Contracts

Posted by Kate Flanders on March 3, 2014

Last night the lead story on 7 news was your escalating dispute with the government over unfair individual contracts. A spokesperson for the Health Ministers office described Doctors concerns as “flim flam”.

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SMOs on the Weekend

Posted by Kate Flanders on February 24, 2014

This last weekend we have seen an enormous effort by SMOs across the state contacting MPs, contacting Ministers and spreading the message that unfair contracts are not good enough.

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Meeting Documents and Factsheets 

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Meeting Agenda

Industrial and Campaign Factsheet 

Contract myths busted

An analysis of the clauses from MOCA3 that are at risk 

The full kit in one document

The Departments Documents 


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