Townsville HHS Job Cuts

In September 2012 the Townsville Hospital and Health Service Board announced that 200 positions including doctors, nurses, allied health staff, administration and operational staff would be cut without consultation with the affected workforce. The Queensland Industrial Relations Commission halted the restructure and a process was developed to provide information and consult with affected workers. These 200 positions were based on FTE, rather than people.

In November 2012 emails were released that stated that there would be a further 80 positions cut, again with no consultation. The HHS then withdrew this directing management to ensure that staff in your areas of responsibility are not engaging in any activity that could be construed as preparing for reductions of FTE beyond those that were originally planned.

In December 2012 the THHS advised that approximately 115 positions had been reduced through voluntary redundancies leaving approximately 85 positions to be further reduced to meet the target. Further THHS advised that no more announcements of further reductions have been indicated. The THHS cancelled consultation meetings for December as there was no additional organisational change to discuss.

On Monday January 14 is was revealed that while they were telling workers there were no additional job cuts indicated, they were actually reviewing the so called realignment process with a view to further job cuts. The Chief Operating Officer announced that the goal posts had been moved and that the goal was now 200 “filled positions” rather than 200 positions and that the HHS was 140 short of its target.

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