Statewide Recruitment Services

On 6 December 2012 System Support Services management announced their decision to restructure Statewide Recruitment Services. These include the abolishment and relocation of positions.

As union members you also have an opportunity to have your say through consultation and we now have the proposed new structures for your input.

These documents provide information about the new structure, the changes from the old structure and proposed “closed merit” pools. Queensland Health are seeking Together’s agreement to the closed merit processes as outlined in the documents and feedback to the implementation of the decision to restructure.

As a democratic organisation any agreement to a closed merit process is informed by the views of our members affected by that decision and of course the feedback to the restructure itself and its implementation will be driven by your views as members.

There is an “implementation plan” for the whole restructure which is the first document and then there should be the following documents:

  • Current structure
  • Proposed structure
  • Affected Position Spreadsheet

Please be advised that these are general documents and we have been advised that specific information is being provided on an individual basis to each employee effected.

The consultation documents are here:

You can provide feedback or record comments or concerns at or here:

There are a lot of documents and we are sure you have many questions. Most of these questions are probably best directed in the first instance to Lyndel Jones at

Please send in any information you receive back or direct queries you have for your union to or call 1800 177 244. Email is best currently as we are experiencing difficulties with our telephony service provider, but we have limited service to the 1800 number.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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