The Greens statement about their plans for Queensland. Check it out for yourself HERE.


Will you continue the long-standing commitment that there will be no forced retrenchments of public sector workers?

The Queensland Greens provide a commitment not to support forced retrenchments of public sector workers. The Greens’ record in the Parliaments of other states demonstrates the veracity of our commitment. This has been shown most recently by the Greens strong opposition to the attacks on the working conditions and job security of public sector workers by the Liberal/National Party government in NSW.

Will you restore a criteria-based mechanism for conversion of long-term temporary employees to permanent status?

The Queensland Greens support such a mechanism. We believe that long-term temporary employees in the public sector should not be left in a situation where they are unable to convert to permanent status. The Queensland Greens policy supports reversing the trend of increased casualisation in the workforce.

Will you commit to a ensuring the Public Service Commission (PSC) plays an active role in protecting workers’ rights, including issuing and enforcing directives that clarify and enhance their individual protections, provide fairer disciplinary processes, and more effective resolution for workplace disputes?

The Queensland Greens believe the Public Service Commission can and should play such a role. The Greens believe this would not only provide better protection of workers’ rights and the other benefits outlined above, but would also better enable public sector workers to be able to perform their role in a non-partisan way.


Will you support wage increases that match increases in the cost of living?

Yes. See The Greens statement 'Qld Greens support public services, oppose public sector wage freeze'


  1. Will you commit to maintain the existing rights of Together members as contained within collective agreements and commit to maintaining these provisions in their future collective agreements?


  2. In relation to the following specific provisions:

    1. Will you commit to continue allowing Together members to collectively organise as a union?

      Without question – this is fundamental to the Greens idea of a healthy workplace, as well as an effective workplace relations system.

    2. Will you commit to regular, structured consultative meetings between Directors-General and Together representatives?

      The Greens support Together representatives being able to avail themselves of such meetings whilst ever they find this to be of use.

    3. Will you uphold the rights of Together workplace delegates within the workplace?

      The Greens support upholding the rights of Together workplace delegates within the workplace, and ensuring that those rights are not weakened via legislative or administrative changes.

    4. Will you allow Together office staff to conduct briefings at inductions and meet with new starters?

      The Greens would both allow and encourage such briefings to occur.

    5. Will you continue the provision of payroll deductions for Together union fees?

      The Greens support this provision being continued.

    6. Will workers have the right to meet with and discuss union business with Together office staff at their workplace?

      Yes. The Greens support this right and will oppose any attempts to constrain it via legislative or administrative changes.


Will you support the existing right of workers to collectively bargain with respect to wages and conditions?

Yes. The Greens policy states that “the right to be a member of a union, to collectively bargain, to collectively withhold labour and collectively organise in the workplace is essential to achieving a sustainable and democratic future.” The Greens’ record in both federal and state Parliaments around the country demonstrates consistent support for and defence of the right of workers to collectively bargain with respect to wages and conditions.

Will you maintain an independent umpire in the form of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission, maintaining:

  • Right to last resort arbitration; and
  • An interventionist role for QIRC in dispute resolution?

Yes. The Greens policy states that “effective processes of dispute resolution, including conciliation and arbitration before an independent tribunal are a necessary element in any fair and effective industrial relations system.” Our national policy specifies support for the maintenance of strong state, as well as national, industrial relations systems.


Queensland Health

Will you commit to pursuing Queensland’s interests within a national efficient price framework by ensuring any such framework recognises the additional pricing issues associated with a large decentralised state?

The Queensland Greens recognise that the decentralised nature of the state compared to the rest of Australia generates additional costs and unique dynamics in regards to equitable service delivery and pricing structures and pledge to do all we can to ensure Queensland’s interests within a national efficient price framework.

Will you guarantee that Pathology Queensland and Biomedical Technology Services will not be outsourced/contracted out or privatised?

The Queensland Greens policy explicitly expresses our opposition to the corporatisation or privatisation of government services. We will not support outsourcing or contracting out of these services.

Will you guarantee the current number of Health Practitioners within Queensland Health will not be reduced over the term of the Government?

Yes. The Queensland Greens recognise that our growing, ageing population means that the number of Health Practitioners must, at a minimum, be maintained at current levels.

Do you recognise the role of the Division of Chief Health Officer as a provider of frontline services?

Yes. The Queensland Greens recognise that this Division plays an important role as a component of frontline health services statewide.


Will you protect Queensland in establishing a national efficient price framework with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)?

The Greens support moves to adopt a National Disability Insurance Scheme, but repeat our commitment to ensure that Queensland’s interests within any national efficient price framework are protected.

Will you provide a guarantee with the NDIS that the Queensland government remains -

  • The assessor of services?
  • The regulator of services?
  • Active in the provision of services?

Yes. The Queensland Greens recognise that retaining a local role in assessing, regulating and providing services is essential.

Will you commit to resourcing Disability Services based on identified client needs?


Will you commit to a Disability Service system that supports regional flexibility and creativity in the delivery of services?

Yes. Localised flexibility in service delivery is important in ensuring it better meets the needs to the local community.

Will you maintain the existing commitments to Child Safety caseload benchmarks and processes for resolving workload concerns?

Yes. The Greens believe that existing commitments to caseload benchmarks must be maintained. We also believe that priority needs to be given to employing more caseworkers where possible to help ensure workload concerns are resolved.

Education and training

Will you guarantee a centrally approved and funded model for public servants within schools?


Will you develop a centralised staffing and resourcing model for allied health professionals in Education?


Will you commit to retain and increase the number of public servants within schools?


Justice system

Will you provide for a case-based funding model for the Director of Public Prosecutions funding?


Will you provide a case-based funding model for Legal Aid?


Will you reinstate funding for a Legal Aid contact centre?


Will you provide for a case-based funding model for court administration?



Will you reinstate the Queensland Police Service ‘civilianisation’ public service positions?


Will you reinstate the Queensland Police Service ‘growth’ public service positions?


Will you reinstate funding, earmarked for staffing purposes, for the other 250 positions?


Will you benchmark the ratio of staff members to police officers across the QPS, excepting corporate service areas?



Will you guarantee adequate funding correctional centres across the state as necessary to ensure no doubling up of prisoners in cells?

The Queensland Greens are committed to reducing imprisonment rates, particularly for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. As part of this, we believe investing funds up front in measures to reduce the probability of offending and reoffending will save money in imprisonment costs in the long-term. This approach has been shown to deliver results in a number of states in the USA. However, we will not support underfunding correctional centres which would lead to inadequate cell space for existing prisoner numbers.