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Allied Health/Coordinators Staff Negotiation Update.

Posted by Alex Scott on April 2, 2012

Blue Care Provide Draft Clauses 26/03/2012

Swings, Roundabouts and Member Feedback Required.

At Monday’s (26th March) Allied Health and Coordinators bargaining meeting Blue Care provided several draft clauses dealing with a range of matters that had been discussed at earlier meetings. NONE OF THESE CLAUSES OR THE ISSUES CANVASSED HAVE BEEN AGREED TO.

Below are links to all of these draft clauses and some dot points of what they mean. For further information call 07 3017 6197 or email

Click here to read the personal/carers leave draft clause
Click here to read all other clauses

Personal/Carers Leave Draft Clause

This proposal includes an entitlement of 2 days UNPAID carers leave if all other leave has been exhausted. This is new to this agreement and will only be available if all other paid personal or carers leave has been used.

Blue Care have dropped their claim for the requirement to provide a doctors certificate for any single day absence before or after the employees rostered days off, annual leave, public holiday etc. This was dropped following strong arguments put on behalf of members by union delegates.

Substantiation of Absence requires workers to provide a doctor’s certificate or stat dec for any single day absences that occur in a year where the employee has had 5 previous absences. This has been watered down from the original Blue Care claim of only 2 previous absences but still represents a reduction in working conditions for members.

Member Feedback Required:-

Are you prepared to accept a reduction in your working conditions that allow your employer to insist on you providing a doctors certificate where you do not currently need to do so? Email to or call 07 3017 6197 to have your say.

Part-Time Hours of Work

Proposal is for part time employees can work additional hours at single rates over their agreed or contracted hours by mutual agreement with their manager.

This means a loss of minimum shift for a public holiday from 4 hours down to 3 hours

Member Feedback Required:-

Are you prepared to forgo all or part of a public holiday for only 3 hours pay? Do you want to pick up more hours of work? Email to or call 07 3017 6197 to have your say.

Mixed Functions

Members have been able to move management from having the ability to forcibly roster an employee into a lower paid position for one or more days and pay them at the lower level to the employee being able to choose to work in an area at a lower rate of pay so as to pick up extra hours.

Delegates have also been able to ensure that the employees contracted hours are protected by ensuring that the lower paid position hours are over and above the original contracted hours in the higher substantive position.

Access to overtime reduced has been reduced with this proposal. There may be increased difficulty in being able to take leave due to the need to coordinate two or more managers and department heads.

Other issues may be around accumulation and payment of paid leave as well as questions over whether the agreement can be rescinded at any time.

This proposal only extend to the minimum agreed hours not the regularly rostered hours. This means that staff could lose their regular substantive hours for lower paid hours making them worse off overall.

Member Feedback Required:-

Do you see it as an advantage to you to be able to pick up extra work when it is available even if it is at a lower rate of pay that your substantive position?

Should you be in a position where your regular hours are cut back to your minimum hours and/or replaced with lower paid duties. Email to or call 07 3017 6197 to have your say.

11 Shifts per Fortnight

Part Time Members were concerned about being coerced into agreeing to work the 11th day. Through raising their concerns the delegates have been able to get an undertaking from Blue Care that genuine agreement must be achieved prior to any employee being rostered to work 11 shifts per fortnight.

Part Time Members will no longer be due overtime for working the extra shift regardless of the hours worked for the fortnight.

Casual employees will have greatly reduced shift availability.

Member Feedback Required:-

Are you a part time employee or a casual? If so how do you think that this may impact upon you? Email to or call 07 3017 6197 to have your say.

Public Holidays

The minimum engagement for a public holiday is reduced for all employees from 4 hours to 3 hours and down to 2 hours for a casual.

Member Feedback Required:-

Are you prepared to accept a reduction in your public holiday minimum engagement? Email to or call 07 3017 6197 to have your say.

Shut Down

Members can be forced to take unpaid leave when all or part of the facility is closed down for any reason.

Are you prepared to use your leave to cover shut down periods that are out of your control?

Your union is working to secure more frequent meetings in an effort to complete the bargaining process in a more timely fashion. As you continue to grow in numbers and activity your representatives will be able to excerpt greater pressure on Blue Care to deliver a fair and reasonable outcome for all.

What should you do next?

  1. Send this blog to all of your workmates
  2. Ask your workmates to join Together with you. You have won some changes already; and there is more that can be won if you join and stand Together.
  3. Send your feedback and comments to your union representatives at
  4. Continue to read this blog for regular updates.