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Blue Care Wesley Mission Brisbane Bargaining – Admin Negotiation Update.

Posted by Together Blue Care/Wesley Mission Team on December 13, 2011

As you would know, Blue Care and Wesley Mission Brisbane management have proposed to merge your single Admin Agreement with the Support Services and Personal Carers Agreement.

Members thought it was important to seek clarity from Blue Care/Wesley Mission Brisbane as to what they propose.  In a past blog we attached the letter from Blue Care explaining that a single agreement worked well in NSW and that they would like to replicate this in Qld.  We also uploaded the union response addressing the differences in the NSW system when compared to the Qld system.  You can read these by clicking on the preceding blog post.

On Monday Dec 5th your union delegates Cecilia Condratoff, Kathy Josey and Shane Daly met with Blue Care/Wesley Mission Brisbane to discuss the proposed merger and to lodge your log of claims. 

Despite advice given by management at the first negotiation that the merger would proceed, it would now appear that the plan to merge the agreements is under consideration and still requires sign off by the executive.  When pushed for a time line for this decision to be made Blue Care said that they would try to have an answer by Dec 22nd.  This means that your representatives remain uncertain of the parameters around this bargain.

Your representatives presented your log of claims on Dec 5th based on the agreement remaining independent and Blue Care/Wesley Mission Brisbane have agreed to come back on Dec 22nd with in principle responses to your claims. 

Your Delegates are now starting to wonder if this is a calculated delaying tactic or perhaps management don’t really know what is going on.  Tell us what you think.

On Wed 7th Dec your union undertook extensive site visits in the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Brisbane areas to speak with employees directly to discuss the proposed merger.  Nearly all of the staff spoken to opposed the merger of the agreement when told about it. 

It was very concerning that none of the non members were aware of the proposal to merge these agreements and that members were concerned that the only information that they were receiving was coming from the union.

This makes very clear the lack of consultation undertaken by Blue Care/Wesley Mission Brisbane on this very important change and both members and potential members report feeling undervalued and disrespected by Blue Care/Wesley Mission Brisbane Central Management.

Admin employees will need to be the strongest group in the Blue Care/Wesley Mission Brisbane organisation to ensure they have a real say in their conditions of employment.

Forward this blog on to your colleagues and invite them to support your efforts to defend your agreement by joining your union today.

For more information, speak to your Delegates Shane Daly, Cecilia Condratoff, Susan Brassel and Kathy Josey as they will be involved throughout the negotiation process.