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Blue Care Proposes To Merge the Admin and Clerical Agreement with the Support Services/Personal Carers Agreement

Posted by Alex Scott on December 5, 2011

Administrative and Clerical Members will be aware by now that Blue Care are considering merging their agreement with the Care and Support Services Agreement.

At the first bargaining meeting held on 16 November Blue Care raised their desire to merge the Admin and Clerical Agreement with the Care and Support Services Agreement.  Your union's representatives raised concerns at this time based on the challenges and possible impacts on the Administrative streams should this go ahead.  Your representatives asked Blue Care to provide in writing their proposal and the detail of the reasoning behind this move.

On 29 November Blue Care responded in writing citing the “Value” of having a single agreement in NSW as being one of the driving considerations.  You can read the Blue Care letter at this link.

Your union responded to Blue Care on 1 December addressing the issues raised by Blue Care.  You can read the Together response at this link.

Together delegates and officials have been extensively consulting with members about management’s proposal to merge these agreements.  Many of you will have received a telephone call from an official or will have been spoken to about this proposal by delegates and concerned members.

Members are concerned about the possible impacts on the independence of their agreement and conditions should this proposal go ahead.  It is essential for members to have open and frank discussions with each other and with fellow workmates to ensure that they are properly informed.

Your union office will continue to engage with members and potential members around this issue and will be visiting as many sites as possible this Wednesday to ask your colleagues to support your campaign.  Please make our Organisers feel welcome and encourage your colleagues who aren’t in your union to take them time to talk to us. 

Please feel free to send this blog link to your workmates and encourage them to become informed.  They can also join online here.

Your Union, Together, will continue to engage with members and potential members around this issue. 

Yours In Union

Private Sector Health Team.