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Admin Staff Negotiation Update: 5 Meetings Before Next Pay Increase Is Due!

Posted by Alex Scott on April 5, 2012

Your union, Together, along with your colleagues from support services and personal care met with Blue Care on Wed 28 March. 

Bargaining so far has been very slow to progress and so bargaining representatives for Together, AWU and United Voice have taken the decision to drive the agenda.  This is done by the representatives meeting in advance of the bargaining meeting to decide on the matters to be discussed at the next bargain.

At the last meeting we discussed issues relating to classifications, career progression and the operative date.

At the Enterprise Bargaining meeting on Wed 28 March your union pursued your claim for the next pay increment to be guaranteed for 1 July 2012.  This was again refused by management! Despite this, management have told us that they are committed to finalising the negotiations prior to 1 July.

With only 5 fortnightly meetings to go before the July 1 deadline union representatives are concerned about the high probability of negotiations going well past this critical cut-off date.

Your union, Together, was represented by Kathy Josey (Kenmore, Iona House) along with Together Officials.  Also in attendance were representatives and officials from both United Voice for the Personal Carers and the AWU for Support Services.

Blue Care admin members continue to grow their union in their workplaces because they know the importance of supporting each other in enterprise bargaining.  Building workplace power is the only way to achieve positive outcomes and speed up the negotiation process.

Your union representatives, along with the other two unions and their representatives have established a strategic plan to deal with the issues that members have raised.  By working collectively and keeping the discussions focussed your representatives believe that they will have the best chance of completing the negotiations in a timely fashion, yet they remain concerned about the 1 July deadline.

At the meeting last week the broad collection of classification related issues were also discussed.  Your union raised the lack of career progression available to Admin staff.  The issue of clear position descriptions was also raised by your delegates with a view to increase the clarity and the ability to move between the levels.

On a positive note, Blue Care expect to have a proposal to your union by mid May to deal with the classifications claim in your log.

Member Activity

What is needed from members and potential members right now is for each member to go through the relevant classification for their level and tick off on all the tasks that they currently do and to also create a list of the tasks in the higher levels that they regularly undertake.

Email your position descriptions to before 12 April.

The Blue Care claim to allow Multi Hire was also discussed. The unions unanimously called for the regularly rostered hours to be protected as well as the minimum contracted hours.

Controversially  Blue Care have provided the wording to their sick leave claim which again the unions all maintained is unfair and unreasonable.  The Blue Care claim allows for an employee to be forced to provide a doctor’s certificate if they take any single days off in a year when they have already had 5 instances of absence.


Your representatives believe that a more appropriate way of dealing with absenteeism would be for the 5 instances in a year trigger a meeting with the manager as a first step into the absenteeism management process.

At the next bargaining meeting your union reps will be discussing issues relating to Allowances and Professional Development.  There will be a planning meeting between the unions and their reps on Mon 16 April to set the agenda.


Member Activity

Please confirm from the list below which if any of these allowances you currently receive. 

                Uniform and Laundry Allowance?                      Y/N

                Vehicle Allowance                                           Y/N

                Excursion Allowance                                        Y/N

                Sleep Over Allowance                                     Y/N

                Higher Duties Allowance                                  Y/N

Email your responses to before 16 April.

What should you do next?

 1.       Do the Member Activities listed above and send the results to These need to be done as soon as possible in preparation for the next bargaining meeting on 19 of April

2.       Send this blog to all of your workmates

3.       Ask your workmates to join Together with you.  You have won some changes already and there is more that can be won if you join and stand Together.  

4.       Send your feedback and comments to your union representatives at

5.       Continue to read this blog for regular updates.