Blue Care Stronger Together

Your negotiation team have become increasingly frustrated at the delays and tactics used by management in this round of negotiations. Meetings for both the Allied Health/Co-ordinators and Admin negotiations have been cancelled by management with the most recent meeting scheduled for Admin staff for Wednesday 16 May cancelled by management on Tuesday 15 May, citing the recent federal government announcement for the aged care industry as the reason. 

Admin staff negotiation update 19 April 2012.

Posted by Alex Scott on April 23, 2012

Your union delegates and officials met with Blue Care today to further your enterprise bargaining claims. 

Delegates present were Cecilia Condratoff (Springwood) and Shane Daly (Caloundra).

Blue Care has adopted an approach to the negotiations where they expect members to fund any improvements in your working conditions.  This is very clear in the Blue Care response to the union claim for "Income Protection to be paid for by the organisation." Management are happy to facilitate the premium and the policy with an insurer but the cost would be carried by the employees through a reduction in the pay increase.

Your union, Together, along with your colleagues from support services and personal care met with Blue Care on Wed 28 March. 

Allied Health/Coordinators Staff Negotiation Update.

Posted by Alex Scott on April 2, 2012

Blue Care Provide Draft Clauses 26/03/2012

Swings, Roundabouts and Member Feedback Required.

At Monday’s (26th March) Allied Health and Coordinators bargaining meeting Blue Care provided several draft clauses dealing with a range of matters that had been discussed at earlier meetings. NONE OF THESE CLAUSES OR THE ISSUES CANVASSED HAVE BEEN AGREED TO.

Bargaining - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Posted by Alex Scott on March 9, 2012

Your bargaining representatives and union officials met with Blue Care/Wesley Mission Brisbane on Wednesday 7 March.  Below you will find out about some of the discussions held, you will find some good, some bad and some downright ugly.

Allied Health and Coordinators Staff Negotiation Update.

Posted by Alex Scott on February 24, 2012

Thank you for sending comments to in relation to your employer’s claims to reduce your employment conditions.  Blue Care / WMB have shifted with some issues in the negotiations that were held on Thursday 23 February.  Some of these changes are consistent with those secured on Tuesday when bargaining negotiations occurred in relation to the admin agreement.

Admin Staff negotiation update

Posted by Alex Scott on February 23, 2012

Blue Care admin members have knocked off some of management’s claims in the recent bargaining negotiations.

As most of you would know, both of your agreements expired on 31 December last year.  Blue Care/WMB management wasn’t ready to commence negotiations and as such, this has meant lengthy delays in starting that process.  Your union team met with management last week where both parties served and briefly discussed the Log of Claims. 

Blue Care Wesley Mission Brisbane Bargaining – Admin Negotiation Update.

Posted by Together Blue Care/Wesley Mission Team on December 13, 2011

As you would know, Blue Care and Wesley Mission Brisbane management have proposed to merge your single Admin Agreement with the Support Services and Personal Carers Agreement.