working for a better public service


Public servants deliver services to our communities across Queensland every day in thousands of different ways.

Workloads in the public sector are coming under increasing pressure in all areas, but particularly in regional and rural centres. Frontline services are coming under pressure because staff don’t have the support they need, meaning they spend more hours doing administrative work, and less time providing services.

Every job that is cut means an increase in workloads for the people that remain. This happened under the former government’s VSP scheme, which saw around 5,000 jobs disappear, and is happening now to the current government’s ending of temporary contracts, secondments, higher duties arrangements and failure to fill vacancies.

Public servants work hard for the communities they support, but they can’t help and protect Queenslanders if they are being asked to provide services without the workload support to ensure it happens.

Together members are asking the government for an effective process to manage workloads. This process has to go beyond just making the existing Workload Management Tool available to staff.

The Public Service Commission Workload Management Guide was designed to assist local supervisors to manage individual workload concerns when they occurred and was not designed to alleviate the risks associated with wide-ranging cuts to public sector staffing. In addition the government have not published an employee guide as they committed to do.

Public servants need a pro-active focus by management on service delivery priorities, so people know what is expected of them, rather than an approach that simply increases workloads and hopes that the Workload Management Tool will be enough to sort things out.

We need a new tool to manage the new circumstances public servants are now facing.

working for a better public service