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Nothing is more important than job security. All workers deserve to have the peace of mind that comes with having a secure job.

In the recent state election, job security was the main focus for Together members. Members asked all political parties to commit to a policy of no forced retrenchments. The response from the LNP was “under an LNP government there will be no forced retrenchments in our first term but we have indicated the need to have a ‘right sized’ public service in the future to ensure that the structures of government do improve front line service delivery and Labor’s unsustainable budget deficit is addressed.”

It was clear during the election that the state budget would lead to a government aiming to reduce the size of the public sector, no matter who won. Following of the election of a new government the challenge for public sector workers is to turn the commitments made by politicians during the campaign into government policy.

The government’s Establishment Management Plan (EMP) is putting the job security of long-term temporary workers at risk.

Some government departments are using the EMP to decide to terminate the positions of long-term temporary workers, even though their jobs are important to Queensland services.

Cutting long-term temporary jobs hurts many people. It hurts the workers themselves, it hurts the workers who are forced to deliver services with less support, and it hurts the community as the quality of services is put under pressure.

The work that long-term temporary workers do is vital to public services and vital to our community. Cutting these workers by government departments is a form of forced retrenchment, which breaks the promises the Premier made to Queenslanders.

Together members are prepared to stand up and fight for secure public sector jobs because these are in the interests of workers and the Queensland community.


The Queensland public sector treats employees differently compared to some other employers.

Many public sector workers classified as temporary would be considered as having permanent employment in many other organisations.

Public servants who are employed under the Public Service Act do not have a right to implied permanency – the right to be considered as a permanent employee after having performed in the same position for a long period of time.

There have been many successes, but there is still much more to do to ensure that workers’ rights to permanency are protected.

What can we do about temporary employment?

The biggest wins that workers have achieved in protecting and improving their conditions have come through collective action by union members.

Standing together, we can force agencies and departments to implement the government’s election promises: no forced retrenchments, including no dismissals of long-term temporary staff.

To do this, we will need as many members as possible, and as many people prepared to actively support the campaign’s activities as possible. Get involved in the campaign today and tell your story.

The more temporary employees we have joining and supporting the campaign, the easier it will be to win the job security that all workers deserve.


working for a better public service