working for a better public service

What is our campaign?

The change of government has seen a wave of changes sweep through the public sector.

These changes will affect each of us in different ways. We don’t know what all changes will bring but we do know that the changes are going to continue for some time to come.

In this time of uncertainty, when jobs are potentially coming under threat, nothing is more important to public sector workers than secure employment.

We also know that we are stronger together. Public sector workers speaking with one voice can make a real difference to lives for the better – and build better services for Queensland.

This moment of change is a key point for the future of the public sector in Queensland.

To ensure our union has a strategic response to the current and future changes a draft position in the form of a nine-point plan has been developed for members to consider.

If adopted it will be the basis for our union’s position on change of government issues to be pursued sector-wide and with each agency.

You can complete the 9 Point Plan Manage Change survey here

You find out more by downloading this booklet.

About temporary workers: a timeline

Thousands of workers are employed across the Queensland public service in jobs that are called ‘temporary’ but in reality are delivering vital services on an ongoing basis.

The reason they are called ‘temporary’ is because the state government has the ability to set the terms of its employment through legislation – employers in the private sector do not have this right. Staff are put on as ‘temporary’ even though departments to rely on them for years.

Together members have been fighting for improvements in the rights of temporary workers for many years.


working for a better public service