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This survey is open to all Anglicare admin workers. We want as many staff members as possible to show Anglicare that higher duties is a serious issue in our workplaces.

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Right now, we're in the middle of negotiations with Anglicare management regarding our new workplace agreement. 

Anglicare management are disputing the claim that we are doing work that is above our classification and say extra level of classification are not required.

Anglicare says that further pay points aren’t justified as there is no requirement for higher level skills or qualifications compared to allied health and nursing staff.

You know that every day we are doing work that is outside the scope of our position descriptions and we want to make sure Anglicare know this.

Our union, Together, have created this website to help us let Anglicare know exactly the work we do above and beyond our roles and why we should be compensated for it.

To fill out the survey and have your say, visit -

We are always stronger when we stick together, so make sure you join the union at

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