Temporary Employment Directive 

If you are a long-term temporary employee and a Together member - Click here to complete the survey and your union may be able to help with your conversion process. 

Last year, Together members successfully campaigned to strengthen the employment security of public servants. This campaigning has resulted in a new employment directive for temporary employees, which outlines the process for converting long term temporary staff to permanent employment.

As of 1 July, the new government directive on Temporary Employment is now in effect. Click here to see the Directive.

The Directive emphasises that:

  • Temporary employment should only be used for true temporary circumstances
  • The Government has a commitment to employment security
  • Temporary employees have rights to flexible working arrangements and written notices of their engagements
  • Temporary employees can be converted to permanent status following a review
  • Agencies MUST review temporary employee’s employment after 2 years
  • If a review does not come back with a decision within 28 days or the review does not result in a permanent job the employee has a right to an appeal
  • Temporary employees have a right to representation from their union in relation to their review and appeals
  • It is not a requirement to have been through an open merit process to be converted.
  • Performing the role successfully for two years or more with successful performance reviews (or no negative reviews) should be sufficient evidence of merit.

If this applies to you, your union can help you with this process.  Contact your union on 1800 177 244 or email temp2perm@together.org.au and make sure you complete the survey below.


Temporary to Permanent - FACT SHEET

Temporary to Permanent - CONSENT TO ACT

Temporary to Permanent - Hard copy survey (see below for online version of the survey)

Queensland government directive on temporary employment