Employment Security

Union members can access support in seeking permanent employment this Term.

School support staff are often employed on recurring grants or in "school purchased" positions, which mean you are not permanent employees of the government. State schools are great schools and they aren't going anywhere – so why are so many school support staff in insecure jobs?

Being a temporary worker can have a huge impact on things like accessing loans, planning holidays and your overall feeling of security at work.

Right now we have an opportunity to secure more permanent jobs for school based staff.

As a union we have proposed a group process to the Department where union members who are in temporary roles like AAEP, temporary AO2 or temporary schools officers can apply as union members for a conversion to permanent hours. This will be a big union activity and run centrally through the Department for AO2/OO2 staff.

Survey for AAEPs, AO2s, and Schools Officers

We need to have all the details from members who are temporary in these roles ready by the last week in August.

If you are a temporary worker and 'classified officer' – for example if you are working in an IT role at TO2 or in a temporary role as a therapist or Business Manager - the first thing you need to do is fill in the survey we have here and send us the "consent to act" form. 

All other Schools members Survey


Temporary to Permanent (Schools staff) - FACT SHEET

For AAEP, AO2 and Schools Officers ONLY - hard copy version of the survey

Temporary to Permanent (All schools staff excluding AAEP, AO2s, Schools Officers) - CONSENT TO ACT

Temporary to Permanent (All schools staff excluding AAEP, AO2s, Schools Officers) - Hard copy survey

Queensland government directive on temporary employment