Schools members are stars in our schools

Posted on August 3, 2017

School Support Staff Recognition Week is well underway. Together facilitates School Support Staff Recognition Week every year to highlight the important work you do to keep our great state schools running.

It has been great to see messages of recognition and support for your essential work in state schools from the Minister and Director-General.

I hope that you all have been able to take some time to celebrate and be celebrated. Send through photos of your celebrations to so we can share your stories.

We are growing our voice and power as union members in schools. In the last week nearly 100 new members in state schools have joined you as members of Together. If that is you - welcome! 

In the last two years, we have achieved a great deal as a union because of members like you. It was union members who lobbied for and secured new job security rules. Click here if you are an AAEP or employed as a temporary officer and complete the survey to ensure your name is on the list for permanency later this month.

Today I am also happy to share the new Terms of Reference for the review of Therapists conditions of employment. Click here for the Terms of Reference. This will be an important piece of work for our members working as Therapists in DET.

Enjoy your week! As a parent and fellow unionist, I know I am joined by thousands of others who are grateful for your hard work. 

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