Have your say on 'up-skilling'

Posted on May 20, 2016

Together delegates Mary Crofton, Julie Barker and I have met with the Office of the Chief Dental Officer, on several recent occasions, to discuss issues affecting Oral Health Therapists and Dental Therapists.

A part of these discussions have focused on scope of practice and what would be required to ‘up-skill’ the therapist workforce enabling the extension of their operative scope to all age groups.

To further these discussions, Together seeks to establish the level of interest for such a course of action and any impediments to this.

We know that therapists make treatment decisions for patients with complex issues on a regular basis and contend that, with appropriate training, the age of a patient should not make this any more onerous.

Together delegates are open to the idea that the removal of the patient age limit would allow Queensland Health to provide a broader and more economical oral health service and improve access and care for patients but we need broader member input to finalise a position.

We encourage all oral health therapists and dental therapists to provide their input.

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