eHealth Dispute Report Back

Posted by Allison Finley-Bissett on October 13, 2016

Today at 9:30am we were scheduled for a compulsory conference in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) about the failure to fill permanent positions in eHealth (which has resulted in ongoing temporary and higher duties contracts and insecure employment for members). As you know, under our certified agreement all permanently funded positions should be filled permanently (3 days for base grade positions and 14 days for positions other than base grade) - see section 4.2 J of the agreement.

Science Operations Officers - Teleconference Update

Posted by Kayleen Dwyer on October 12, 2016

Hope your first week back of term 4 went well. Last week we had the SOO teleconference with a number of SOOs dialling in.

  • Topics of discussion included the ability of SOOs to progress to from OO3 to OO4
  • Moving from the operational to technical stream
  • Training for SOOs
  • Great outcomes for individual member on receiving back pay and permanency

EB9: What we did

Posted by EB9 Delegate on October 12, 2016

EB9: Stand Up for Health WorkersI am not someone who expects too much but I do expect a fair process for our negotiations about wages and conditions. I want QH to understand that 2.5% and nothing else is just not good enough when some of my colleagues don’t have secure jobs and we are all overworked.

QH’s offer is more than disappointing; it is insulting! That’s why we rejected it and why hundreds of members across the state have been turning up to their local meetings.

Teleconference tomorrow, Thunderclap on Wednesday

Posted by Alex Scott on October 10, 2016

logo_250_90_purp_letters.pngThis is a big week in our campaign to improve job security and permanency for public sector employees. There are two things you can do this week.

HPDO: A quick update

Posted by HPDO Delegates on October 7, 2016

HPDOWe met with Queensland Health yesterday and it went well. You can see the notes here.

We didn’t have any major breakthroughs yesterday. Having discussed the claims on the agenda this week, QH asked us for some further clarification and informed us they would have to follow up on our allowance claims after our comprehensive explanations.

EB9: Queensland Health today

Posted by EB9 Delegates on October 6, 2016

We met with Queensland Health again this morning.QH had scheduled the meeting to last for 3 hours but brought nothing new to the table!

Despite all unions being adamant that the offer we received two weeks ago was insufficient there was no new movement from QH.

EB9: Taking action!

Posted by Lynette - EB9 Delegate on October 4, 2016

We wrote back to the Director General on Friday, a week after he had sent us the “offer” for our wages and conditions.

We had gone back to negotiations twice last week but we weren’t advised of any further reasons why QH ignored the important things we’d talked about like training, job security and consultation in their offer. 

DET Therapists – Urgent matter HP Parity

Posted by Kate Flanders on October 4, 2016

I hope you all had a great September break.

During the break we have been pursuing the opportunity to meet with DET and start a conversation about pay equity with Health Practitioners (HPs) working in Queensland Health.

HPDO: Job security, allowances & solidarity

Posted by Together Queensland on September 30, 2016

HPDOYesterday we met with Queensland Health representatives and made some positive steps forward.

We discussed the increasing use of temporary employment across the health service. 

With the Cairns HHS board overrunning their budget by $80 million, we got an acknowledgement from QH representatives that it is important for QH to strengthen their authority over the HHSs to support appropriate consultation and make sure that the right processes were being followed.

EB9: Rejected!

Posted by EB9 Delegates on September 27, 2016

Last night we had an emergency Steering Committee meeting to discuss the “offer” from Queensland Health that Alex emailed about yesterday.

Delegates voted unanimously to the reject the offer and communicate this to Queensland Health negotiators today.

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