Mt Isa - meet your local MP

Posted by Together Queensland on October 21, 2016

logo_250_90_purp_letters.pngOur campaign for improving public sector permanency is gaining momentum. We are getting the attention of politicians and the media from around Queensland. But we need to keep this momentum going locally.

To win the campaign and pass laws to improve rights for long-term higher duties, temporary, casual, and labour hire employees, we need to get the votes of 45 politicians onside.

Reminder: Day of Action Tuesday 25th Oct

Posted by Vivienne Doogan on October 21, 2016

logo_250_90_purp_letters.pngNext Tuesday, your state-wide day of action kicks off with members across Queensland meeting to bring attention to the issues of ongoing temporary, casual and contract employment in the public sector.

Holding these meetings is the next step in our campaign for employment security. After 829 submissions to parliament, 500,000 views of our online rally and positive meetings with key cross-bench MPs, our campaign is gaining momentum!

Corrections - Breaking news: your agreement ballot

Posted by Together Queensland on October 21, 2016

We have just received word that your agreement received an overwhelming YES vote in the ballot – over 95% of votes were in favour of certification.

CITEC: Update on your certified agreement

Posted by Together CITEC delegates on October 21, 2016

As you know, your Together delegates Paul O'Driscoll, Neville Leggett and Darrel Altmann have been negotiating with CITEC to develop a replacement for the CITEC Certified Agreement 2015 which nominally expires on 31 October.

EB9: Let's vote together!

Posted by Together Queensland on October 19, 2016

What a couple of weeks it’s been! From Cairns, to Emerald and right down to the Gold Coast, we saw hundreds and hundreds of members stand up and demand better from Queensland Health.

Congratulations everyone – your meetings demonstrated that we are stronger together. Look at what you were able to achieve together.


This is how we win employment security.

Posted by Alex Scott on October 19, 2016

logo_250_90_purp_letters.pngOur campaign to secure stronger employment security is gaining momentum by the day.

HPDO: Expired

Posted by HPDO Delegates on October 18, 2016

HPDOOn Sunday the agreement that governs our wages and working conditions expired.

We had hoped that we would be considering a new offer by now or at least have discussed all of the important issues in negotiations.

On Wednesday, we will be providing QH with all of the information they have asked for and demanding that QH makes an offer sooner or later. We want to make sure that we all have time to consider the offer and make a good decision.

More answers from eHealth

Posted by Together Queensland on October 18, 2016

On Thursday we emailed you to say that the status quo would remain in place in terms of staffing numbers within eHealth until we can resolve our dispute about management refusing to fill vacancies as required by your industrial agreement.

Yesterday there was some confusion about what maintaining the “status quo” means and I understand that members have been concerned about the content of emails they have received from management.

HPDO: 2 days until expiry

Posted by HPDO Delegates on October 14, 2016

HPDOWe met with Queensland Health again on Wednesday. We discussed a range of things including access to further training for oral health therapists, progression, staff mental health and safe work environments. You can see some notes of discussions here.

Once again QH wanted further information and research to consider our claims. They wanted to know how providing training for oral health members would benefit QH and provide better services.

At our delegates committee meeting yesterday we have resolved to send all the information QH has requested by early next week to continue to demonstrate that we are ready, willing and able to settle these issues. But QH really needs to get us some answers too.

Half a million people saw our campaign!

Posted by Vivienne Doogan on October 14, 2016

logo_250_90_purp_letters.pngIt was a great week for our campaign for permanency rights for temporary, long-term higher duties and contract employees!

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