EB9: Happy Pay Day!

Posted by Alex Scott on September 6, 2017

This week is the second pay increase of the three-year EB9 agreement. Union members won these pay increases along with better rights at work! Share this image to celebrate!


Posted by Irene Monro on September 5, 2017

Yesterday your employer emailed you to advise they are now putting an end to enterprise negotiations and putting their preferred agreement out to vote. As we communicated with you last week a number of outstanding issues remain unresolved, issues which Management have walked away from. Many of you feel that these outstanding issues whilst seemingly non-consequential to management, are to you and worth our resolve to stay at the table to sort through.

Your feedback required regarding Digital Hospital.

Posted by Ty Prior on September 4, 2017

As you may have heard, Metro South Health have proposed changes to introduce the Digital Hospital project at Logan Hospital, Beaudesert Hospital and the new Wynnum-Manly Community Health Centre (Gundu Pa). See more info about that here.

Happy Pay Day, updates + Child Protection Week

Posted by Dee Spink on September 1, 2017

Happy Pay Day to you all! 1 September is the operational date for your EB wage increase, thanks to hard-working union members like you. The pay increase dated from 1 September is your third and final increase for the current "Core" agreement. There's an image you can use to celebrate on Facebook and share here.

Opal: Update on your agreement

Posted by Together Aged Care team on September 1, 2017

Your Enterprise Bargaining agreement is still sitting with The Fair Work Commission for certification. 

The Commission is seeking further information from your employer Opal surrounding a number of issues. 

James Cook University Bargaining Update – 30 AUG 2017

Posted by Irene Monro on August 31, 2017

Another bargaining meeting this week between JCU management and unions resulted in a disappointing outcome with no final agreement able to be reached between the parties.

Click here to read the rest of the bulletin.

Community Visitors: Next steps to start negotiations

Posted by Together Queensland on August 30, 2017

Community Visitor union members are continuing preparations for the start of negotiations for your wages and conditions through enterprise bargaining. 

To start that process we need to finalise the Industrial Award that applies to Community Visitors, and get your feedback on your draft log of claims which when finalised will be sent to the employer for negotiation.

QML: Undertakings have been made

Posted by Together Private Sector team on August 25, 2017

On Tuesday, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) had yet again been in contact with QML to seek undertakings with regards to the certification of your agreement.

Digital Hospital update – Your feedback requested

Posted by Together Health Team on August 23, 2017

Early in July I wrote to you to say that management are proposing changes to introduce the Digital Hospital project at Logan Hospital and Beaudesert Hospital. Since my last email things have progressed and the new Wynnum-Manly Community Health Centre (Gundu Pa) is also included.

Equality is union business

Posted by Alex Scott on August 23, 2017

As union members, we have a vision for a just and fair society. A society where all jobs are decent, safe and well-paying, where communities have access to quality public services and where everyone is equal.

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