Commitments that matter to our lives and our community

Posted by Alex Scott on February 29, 2012

To build better lives, we all need strong public sector services and a state public sector with secure jobs, fair wages, and staff who are well-respected.

At the meeting on the 15 February your union responded to the Mater Log of Claims. To see this document - click here Mater LOC. Each of the items we discussed and our responses are detailed below

Allied Health and Coordinators Staff Negotiation Update

Posted by Alex Scott on February 28, 2012

Thank you for sending comments to in relation to your employer's claims to reduce your employment conditions.  Blue Care / WMB have shifted with some issues in the negotiations that were held on Thursday 23 February.  Some of these changes are consistent with those secured on Tuesday when bargaining negotiations occurred in relation to the admin agreement.

QIMR update

Posted by Alex Scott on February 25, 2012

Please see the QIMR blog for the lastest update on negotiations

State election and our footy tipping is back!

Posted by Alex Scott on February 24, 2012

Queensland politicians need to stop trying to score cheap political points by interfering with the work of public sector employees and instead respect their professionalism and dedication in implementing the policies of the elected government.

MOCA 3: 22 February meeting update

Posted by Alex Scott on February 23, 2012

It is pleasing to advise that MOCA 3 negotiations will not be suspended during the caretaker government period as has occurred in the past. The parties will continue to explore options for resolution of issues within interest areas in the Interest-based bargaining (IBB) format.

Blue Care: Admin Staff negotiation update

Posted by Alex Scott on February 23, 2012

Blue Care admin members have knocked off some of management’s claims in the recent bargaining negotiations.

MOCA 3: 15 February meeting update

Posted by Alex Scott on February 20, 2012

MOCA 3 negotiations continued this week with discussion of matters in the interest category of simplifying, clarifying and interpreting existing Award provisions and other industrial instruments.

Celebrate a victory for public services in Queensland

Posted by Alex Scott on February 17, 2012

Queensland's future is in the balance in the coming state election, and the role of public sector jobs in that future is a key part of the debate.

You're winning - and a new chance to have your say

Posted by Alex Scott on February 15, 2012

Thanks to the efforts of you and your colleagues, our petition in support of public sector wages is a great success because politicians are being forced to respond. There is more to do to ensure that public sector workers and their families can keep up.

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