HP Update - HPEB2, EB8 and More

Posted by Alex Scott on October 20, 2011


Last Thursday over 2500 Dental assistants, pharmacy assistants, medical administrative staff, research officers, dentists, home care workers and ward clerks, just to name a few - converged on Parliament to let the Premier know personally that it is now time to intervene to stop wage cuts and provide the circuit breaker that upholds the dignity and wages of Queensland Health workers who are the backbone of public health services for Queenslanders.

Consultation on transport for eastern suburbs

Posted by Alex Scott on October 20, 2011

One of our Eastern Suburbs members alerted me to proposed changes to Translink services that are now out for consultation. The consultation period ends soon (21 October), so if you have an interest in the frequency of services or the proposed routes I encourage you to go to the website and have you say.

TMR: They'll ask the umpire to give you less than 2.5%

Posted by Alex Scott on October 19, 2011

In previous emails we've talked about the fact that negotiations for your next TMR EDA8 collective agreement reached an impasse so we'd called on Queensland's independent umpire to intervene a begin a process called "arbitration".

Thursday rally for fair wages and a stronger community

Posted by Alex Scott on October 12, 2011

Your union colleagues in Queensland Health have watched negotiations drag on for months. The government are still expecting workers across the state to accept a wage increase that is below the rising cost of living, in effect a real wage cut.

Your Bluecare agreement - response needed by this Friday

Posted by Alex Scott on October 11, 2011

As most of you know, your agreement expires on 31 December and your Delegates have been working very hard to prepare for that process. 

Let's stand together on Thursday

Posted by Alex Scott on October 10, 2011

Please find the link below to the bus timetable and poster you can print out for the Stopwork Rally outside Parliament House at 12pm. If you have any questions please email the team at

As part of the aftermath of the Health Payroll debacle unions entered into discussions with Queensland Health around managing any action to deal with underpayments and overpayments of staff.

HPs: It's Time for Qld Health to look after all its staff

Posted by Alex Scott on October 9, 2011

The Premier has personally intervened in negotiations for payroll staff that have occurred as part of the Heads of Agreement being negotiated around payroll issues, overpayments and the payroll system.

Have your say on the Health Payroll Proposal

Posted by Julie Bignell on October 6, 2011

Your delegates have been negotiating on your behalf with the Premier to settle the current payroll dispute. Your delegates have managed to obtain an agreement that is unheard of in Queensland.

They believe that this is an incredible win and they recommend that all members vote Yes to this agreement.


The following is a précis of the offer; the full offer can be seen here.

The proposal is in full settlement of the current reclassification dispute for Payroll Officer 1, 2 and the Advanced Payroll Officer (now called Senior Payroll Specialist) only.

Progression from Payroll Officer 2 (AO3) to Senior Payroll Specialist (AO4) based on agreed criteria and 2 years payroll experience as AO3 or above. People in the first round who meet these criteria as at the 1 July 2011 will have the classification backdated to 1 July 2011.

Others can then apply on as ongoing basis as they reach the 2 years and they believe they meet the payroll criteria. The criteria will be agreed between payroll officers, the union, Qhealth under auspices of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

AO2s may apply to fill vacancies created by the AO3 level staff moving to the AO4 progression above. People who are successful will have there classifications backdated to 1 July 2011.

Once an AO2 reaches the top of the AO2 incremental scale, they will have the opportunity to continues to progress through the AO3 incremental scale to a maximum of AO3.4 if :

  • They have completed training in interaction with clients and client entitlements or they can demonstrate they have acquired these skills on the job,   and
  • They carry out work commensurate with the AO3 position,     and
  • They wish to take up the additional duties of the AO3 position.

All Temporary Payroll employees, with at least 1 year continuous service as at 1 July 2011 will be converted to permanent.

Qhealth will make 2 - 1 off payments of $2500 to all Payroll staff on 1 December 2011 and 1 July 2012.

Direct appointment of all payroll staff to a personal grade equivalent to their existing acting grade. This will occur where the employee has been acting at that level for 1 year out of the last 2 years.

Note: This agreement has no effect on the other position descriptions that are still to be sent for valuations and they will be sent as soon as we have completed this process.


To vote on the agreement please click here. You will be asked to provide your union membership number for verification and then vote on whether or not to accept the proposal. If you don't know your please ring 1800 177 244.

Equal Pay outcome in jeopardy - take action now

Posted by Alex Scott on September 30, 2011

This week thousands of workers in Queensland's social and community sector were expecting a pay rise as a result of the successful Pay Up for Pay Equity campaign. A regulation to make these pay rises enforceable was due to come into effect on the first of October. Eight days before it was due, politicians in Canberra blocked it.

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