As per our email on Friday, we wanted to hear from Child Safety members about a key issue as part of the EB negotiations.

In response to our workload claims (as outlined below):

CSYW Negotiations Update – 10 August

Posted by Dee Spink on August 10, 2018

This week, we had delegates from Child Safety (Jodie from CQ RIS, Lauren from Beenleigh CSSC), Youth Justice (Patrick, Nikki & David from Caboolture YJ) and Youth Detention (Brad from BYDC) attend negotiations.

Some of the key claims we talked about in yesterday’s negotiations were:

Community Visitors - Update on CVs entitlements

Posted by Dee Spink and Dan Goldman on August 10, 2018

This week we met with the Public Guardian and OPG and DJAG representatives to talk about how we can progress improvements to Community Visitor entitlements.

As previously flagged, we discussed some of the options to come to a speedier resolution around issues of CV entitlements – one of those being the inclusion of CVs into the Core EB. The department will be seeking advice about this approach and will get back to us shortly.

West Moreton Health has released a business case for change that affects the following areas –

Restructure in the TUH Support Services Business Unit

Posted by Megan Denny on August 10, 2018

We have recently received correspondence from TUH referring to a restructure in the Support Services Business Unit. You can read the letter here.

As a union member you have a right to a say on workplace changes that affect you.

QANTAS - It’s Time to Act on Caps.

Posted by Billy Colless on August 10, 2018

It’s time to act on part time caps and hour restrictions.

Your union Delegates and Office have been hearing that part time staff have been capped OR are having their hours monitored. 

Changes to Community Health - MNHHS

Posted by Rosa Sottile on August 9, 2018

Following the restructure of senior management into Community and Oral Health (C&OH), management is progressing some organisational changes. These are no longer under the banner of “CISS by Design”, but change is still planned.

Temporary employment in Sunshine Coast HHS

Posted by Alex Griffin on August 9, 2018

Recently Together members across Sunshine Coast HHS have been contacting the union office to notify of permanent roles being left vacant, or permanent vacancies being filled using temporary contracts. This is a concern for members as it impacts on job security and the workloads of staff, as well as the health service you work for. Your Enterprise Agreement clearly states that "where a permanent employee leaves due to retirement, resignation, termination, transfer or promotion they will be replaced by a permanent employee" and outlines that this process must occur in 14 days or less.

Negotiations Update – Workloads, WHS and Pay Parity

Posted by Kate Flanders on August 9, 2018

Yesterday we had another negotiation meeting with the Department.

Your Together delegates Sharon Abbott, Paul Goulevitch, Mandy Timmers, Sharon Valles, Deborah Green and Helen Riley did a great job of putting the case for safe workloads, safe workplaces and equal pay.

Teleconference Thursday 16th – Together Therapists

Posted by Kate Flanders on August 9, 2018

Please join an urgent and important teleconference for all Together therapists on Thursday 16th of August at 3:30pm.

1800 177 244