Armaguard have responded.

Posted by Alex Scott on March 7, 2018

Since the last communication on the 23rd of February Armaguard has come back with the following undertakings.

It's Women's Week!

Posted by Vivienne Doogan on March 5, 2018

This week we will mark International Women's Day on Thursday 8 March.

As a union with majority women members we know that there is still much to be done to make sure that gender equity is achieved at work and in retirement for working women.

An update on your EBA's progress at Armaguard

Posted by Alex Scott on February 23, 2018

Your union office recently received an email addressed to Armaguard from the Fair Work Commission relating to the Armaguard Queensland Country Branches Clerical and Cash Processing Employees Enterprise Agreement 2017.

Health Minister Steven Miles and Director General Michael Walsh have provided an important briefing to unions in relation to the crisis of a missing $979 million in the Queensland Health budget.

That is an enormous number and it is very hard to reconcile with existing services.

Quick update on the status of your Healthe Care agreement.

Posted by Alex Scott on February 21, 2018

Your Union and Healthe Care have been advised the following from the Fair Work Commission.

New Bupa Agreement to be put out to vote

Posted by Alex Scott on February 21, 2018

Since negotiations commenced last December, two versions of Bupa’s proposed Agreement have been put to the bargaining committee. Once the detail of Bupa’s proposed Agreement was explained, Union delegates and employee representatives put forward their concerns.

Whilst Bupa has responded to those initial concerns, your Union representatives are still concerned with the proposed Agreement. Primarily because Bupa are not offering much in the way of improvements to your terms and conditions in this Agreement.

Autism Qld EB Update

Posted by Alex Scott on February 19, 2018

Your Autism Queensland Limited Employee Agreement 2018 is still sitting with the Fair Work Commission while they check whether the new agreement passes the "Better Off Overall" Test (BOOT). 

Public service: Are you paid what you’re worth?

Posted by Alex Scott on February 16, 2018

Your wages and conditions will be negotiated soon.

As public sector workers, the work you do is vital and that important work should be reflected in the wages you earn.

Across the country, workers are facing the lowest wage increases in 40 years and many of us are finding it tough to keep on top of the bills.

Changes at the Wesley Hospital

Posted by Alex Scott on February 16, 2018

On the 15th of January, your union received a letter from Uniting Care Health - The Wesley Hospital advising of proposed changes in Administrative Support for Patient Services and Wesley Emergency Centre, The Wesley Hospital.

17 year olds in Youth Justice

Posted by Alex Scott on February 12, 2018

Today, Queensland joins the rest of the country in sentencing 17-year-olds as children. This is a great step for Queensland as a society, but for members in Youth Justice & Youth Detention, this comes with challenges.

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