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Our Land Our Future

Our future is deeply entwined with the health of our natural environment. Our … our health and our culture are all dependent on a

EB8: Your Wages and Conditions - Vote Now

in principle offer provided by Queensland Health. You have 2 options … You can download the
Now is an important time for you to vote on the in principle offer provided by Queensland Health.

Our Union in Central Queensland

such as the recent EB8 health campaign. Amalgamation has also delivered … union.  Ruth works for Queensland Health in Rockhampton and can be contacted at
Attention all Together members in Central Queensland

Member Resources

QPSU Journal April 2011 Together Health Students Membership Form Together … Together Journal 2014 Health Update 2013 Together Journal 2012

Townsville Members Christmas Function

very year in Townsville we hold a function to bring members and delegates together to celebrate our achievements for the year, and to give everyone a chance to catch up with their union friends and colleagues outside the workplace, in a pleasant and socia…

Medical Officers: Have your say on wages and conditions

important year for the future of Queensland Health that we take to Queensland Health management. Now is the best opportunity in … facing Medical Officers in Queensland Health. If you have questions about the
2012 is a very important year for the future of Queensland Health - it will be time to work out a new collective agreement to cover terms and conditions of work of Medical Officers.

EB8: New offer for your wages and conditions

Alex Scott. Late yesterday Queensland Health delivered a revised offer on your wages and … Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health new offer and move to arbitration Queensland Health have stated that this offer will be
New Offer - Members to Vote in coming weeks Thank you to the hundreds of members who participated in today's teleconference briefing with Alex Scott.


safe and healthy working … their collective power to make change. Health

Media coverage

2 June 2012 Queensland Health pot plant memo … union condemns rush to shake up Queensland Health 27 January 2012 Queensland Health overpayments bid

Member mailouts

and the campaign to defend Queensland Health from outsourcing and job cuts Union

Absolutely no more than 3% - Health. Bans must stop

Queensland Health and government representatives said that … a reasonable outcome with Queensland Health in this round of talks about wages and … members have been fighting for a better Health system with fair wages
This afternoon in the Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) Queensland Health and government representatives said that "there is no basis whatsoever that a wage increase greater than 3% (2.5% plus 0.5% of cashable savings) will be offered. Under no circu…

Payroll Officers well deserved win

Maree Sowden We have written to QHealth and advised them of the result of the … We are now seeking a meeting with Qhealth to discuss how to formally implement the
Payroll members have overwhelmingly voted yes (92%) to the Payroll Staff Proposal.

Health staff to seek Commission’s intervention

After months of negotiations and a strong industrial campaign that has seen growing disruption in Queensland hospitals, the Together union is seeking the involvement of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission to prevent patients becoming a politica…

EB8: An intervention for the sake of patients and the community

Our campaign to save Queensland Health has reached across all areas of the state. … wages cut is just not fair for Queensland Health workers or our community.
Our campaign to save Queensland Health has reached across all areas of the state. Health workers are stronger and more united than they've ever been before. Your rally at Parliament House, and the others across the state, were some of the best-attended an…

HP Update - HPEB2, EB8 and More

upholds the dignity and wages of Queensland Health workers who are the backbone of public … for Queenslanders. It was fantastic to see Health Practitioners supporting this rally and
Last Thursday over 2500 Dental assistants, pharmacy assistants, medical administrative staff, research officers, dentists, home care workers and ward clerks, just to name a few - converged on Parliament to let the Premier know personally that it is now ti…

EB8 Message of support: We are behind you

about what's been happening at Queensland Health. I know the department is ignoring you and
My name's Paul, and I'm a union member like you, working for CITEC in Public Works. Like you, I spend my day working to deliver quality services to our community.

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