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EB8 - latest information and back pay details

reement is certified on this date Queensland Health has informed delegates that the 3
At the EB8 implementation group Together delegates were informed that the Certification of the EB8 agreement will take place in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) on the 8th May 2012.

24 April meeting update - Private Practice

what they are prepared to give. Queensland Health Bargaining Items presented to Together as a … Queensland Health is seeking a certified agreement which provi
This week's MOCA 3 meeting was dedicated to discussing private practice reform however, after a presentation by a representative from QH's revenue department and a brief listing of arrangements in other States, QH adopted a "not interested" approach in ex…

Update Payroll Staff Proposal

ur elected Working Group Delegates met with Qhealth Management in the16 and 17 April to finalise…nd Development Coordinator in the Gold Coast Health Service District. Before joining Qhealth he
In this update: Clause Three -Progression from Payroll Officer 2 (AO3) to Senior Payroll Specialist (AO4) Clause Five - AO2 to AO3 Clause Six Temporary to Permanent Conversion Clause Nine - Higher Duties Direct Appointment

Machinery of Government Changes

ent of Premier and Cabinet Queensland Health Queensland Police Service Depa… and the Arts Queensland Health No change Queensland Police

Update of Payroll Agreement Implementation

Your working group is meeting with Qhealth to go through the progression process on the… The proposal presented by Qhealth around this item was based on a special incr
Clause 3 - Progression from AO3 to AO4 : Senior Payroll Specialist Clause 4 - Filling of vacant AO3 positions through Specified Advertising Clause 5 - AO2 Progression to AO3 Clause 6 - Direct Appointment of Temporary Staff Clause 9 - Higher Duties Dir…

Toowoomba Regional Organising Committee 18 April Please place on your union not
Will be held on Wednesday 18th April, 2012 commencing at 5.30 p.m. at Tara Room, Irish Club Hotel, Russell Street Toowoomba.

UMail: Health - 5 April 2012

bcommittee nominations | Change management | Health Practitioner non assessed positions | Democr…ions Unit Human Resource Services Queensland Health that she had met with the Deputy Director Ge
In this edition: Government Freeze on recruitment | EB8 subcommittee nominations | Change management | Health Practitioner non assessed positions | Democracy matters - nominations for union elections open | Together members are taking a moment to update t…

Log of Claims

for their own ill health but rather is focused on workplace health and safety. 9.3. All base grade vacancies t… options for involving bodies like Workplace Health and Safety Queensland and the Queensland Wor

UMail: Machinery of Government and Elections

Queensland Treasurery and Trade Queensland Health Department of Education
I know that this has been an uncertain and busy week for many people working across government. I know I've been emailing you a lot but I do want to make sure that I pass on information as soon the union office receives it.

21 March meeting update

ittees and consultative forums in Queensland Health Queensland Health provided us with some draft proposed clauses
Together is a union of employees representing many public sector employees including junior and senior medical officers throughout Queensland. We represent doctors on many levels – at the workplace, within committees and consultative forums in Queensland …

UMail: Mater - 22 March 2012

Mater Health Practitioner Agreement Update | Queensland C…hildren's Hospital and HP Governance Mater Health Practitioner Agreement Update With the
In this update: Mater Health Practitioner Agreement Update | Queensland Children's Hospital and HP Governance

Townsville residents turning the magnifying glass on state political candidates

education and health
Townsville residents shall be studying the fine grain detail of state political candidates’ plans for local services at a community forum this evening (Monday March 19, 2012).

UMail: Health - 17 March 2012

ses you need to be an employee of Queensland Health as at the date of certification in the Queen…ay schedules by using the following link
In this update: EB8 employer ballot | Non Replacement of Staff | HP Centralized Evaluation Unit and Phase three evaluation process | HP Reviews

14 March meeting update

With national health reform commencing this year it is desirable
As mentioned in our previous blog, the Director-General’s surprising refusal to sign the QH proposed bargaining plan at this time led us to make enquires about the status of negotiations and the existence of Cabinet Budget Review Committee approval to com…

Bundaberg residents turning the spotlight on state political candidates

health and education services that the region
Bundaberg residents shall be shedding light on local state election issues at a local community forum this week (Thursday March 15, 2012).

7 March meeting update

onditions of other groups such as nurses and health practitioners to make a valid comparison.
Like most negotiations MOCA3 is delivering up its share of challenges and best laid plans have had to be revisited.

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