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Health members in Townsville: Employment Security Matters!

including potentially impacts on our Health Service budget. To be part of the communit… or 4433 3223
Together members are invited to attend this special meeting about the much publicized cuts to public sector jobs and services, including potentially impacts on our Health Service budget.

Have your say on MOCA3

ment. Prior to this current draft Queensland Health wanted to make cuts in many crucial areas.…d RMO on call Greater flexibility for local Health and Hospital Services to consult locally reg
The MOCA 2 Agreement expired on May 31 2012. Negotiations have been occurring for many months in the effort to secure a new bargaining agreement. Prior to this current draft Queensland Health wanted to make cuts in many crucial areas. After the involvem…

Too far, too much, too quickly

nment started to cut preventative and public health areas. Preventative health is vitally import…hem out of hospital and reduce demand on our health system. Preventative health also works
Yesterday morning the Premier was peppered with questions from concerned Queenslanders on talk back radio but was still maintaining that Queenslanders are thankful for his governments cuts. Every day more and more vital services, jobs and programs are bei…

What Campbell Newman said before the election

y day. The latest announcement in Queensland Health could affect potentially thousands of member
Every day there are new announcements and rumours about restructures of departments and jobs being lost. I know it is affecting my friends and family members as well as union members I talk to every day. The latest announcement in Queensland Health could …

Ipswich: Rally on Thursday for local Health Services

Government are making savage attacks on Qld Health jobs and the Community Services at Ipswich. …vernment has slashed budget funding to Rural Healthere are also plans to reduce security at Qld Health sites in the West Moreton area. This include
As you may be aware, the Government are making savage attacks on Qld Health jobs and the Community Services at Ipswich.

MOCA Breakthrough

ASMOFQ and Queensland Health but an impasse occurred in June… the Awards that apply to doctors within Qld Health. Auditing of the CMA …nd wording will be finalised with Queensland Health. Given this large movement from the gover
On Monday evening Together Delegates achieved a breakthrough in negotiations with the assistance of the Industrial Relations Commission and there is a new proposal for an agreement. This proposal has been approved by the government and will form an in pri…

Changes to pay date and overpayment recovery

t recovery Change of pay day Queensland Health is planning on changing the pay day in the d…en you leave your employment with Queensland Healthnot if you change your Hospital and Health Services
In this update: Change of pay day Changes to future overpayment recovery Historical overpayment recovery

Members of Parliament must stand up for public services and jobs for Darling Downs communities.

public services including services at local health facilities…al publicservices including local Queensland Health facilities
The union of public sector workers is calling on MPs for Darling Downs communities at Toowoomba and Goondiwindi to take a stand for the future of their grassroots public services including services at local health facilities, schools and community service…

Protected Action Ballots

t don't care about delivering quality public health services or the Health Practitioners that de

13 July update

er any reasonable discussion with Queensland Healththe Public Service Commission and Queensland Health stated that the offer put to… indications at this meeting that Queensland Health may be allowed to show some flexibility on m
After months of negotiations failing to deliver any reasonable discussion with Queensland Health, Together filed an application in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission for assistance to help make an agreement.

Urgent update on employment security in Health

ves apply to employees of the Department of Health and to the new Hospital and Health Services… days of an understaffed and underresourced health system in Queensland. They are putting patie
Without warning or consultation the government has stripped away employment security for all employees in Queensland Health. Without telling the people it affects, they have changed the legislation to override the provisions of our enterprise bargaining …


een given a verbal assurance that Queensland Health was going to fund the Mater for the full 3… had received correspondence from Queensland Health advising that they will only be funded for 2
As promised we're keen to keep all of our members as up-to-date as possible with the negotiation of our expired Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA).

HALL PAYNE LAWYERS 2012 NRL Footy Tipping Competition for union members - Round 18

QHealth tipped every game correctly in Round 16.
Are you all set for a great game of footy? Whether your team wins or loses, I bet we all ask the same questions - what do linesmen do anyway and how about some some consistency ref? Oh... and let me say... GO QUEENSLAND!

Health Members Update: Is your job safe?

Health areas… Queensland Health being no exception. We need to stand up f
Having a permanent position in the public sector used to provide people with some level of employment security.

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