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Union News: November

Directives for comment. Managing Employee Health
Welcome to November and this month's edition of Union News! Read on for news from around our union!

Update and a Key Report

Having position descriptions assessed by Health Practitioner Evaluators to match DET roles t

Private Sector News - October 2017

s Union Health is for union members TUH offers Together m…mbers and their families competitive private health packages and pricing and superior preventati

Your DET union update

m Kevin Mara and Jeff Hunt. Report back on Health and Safety Issues A recent incident in Edu…cation House raised a serious workplace health and safety issue for members in Central Offi
In the last quarter of the year (where did that all go?!) there are a lot of things happening and we are all waiting for a potential announcement of the imminent state election. As Together members we all know what a difference the policies of the governm…

QLD Health Continuous Shift Workers: Have your say

Queensland Health tried to rush through changes to the whole d…ether delegates negotiations with Queensland Health around the matter. Click here to do the s

Concerns regarding BDH and UQSoD

ck of communication for staff and Queensland health patients…ind solutions that will benefit all. Oral Health members at Herston have launched a petition

Metro North Oral Health petition

To the Chief Executive for Metro North Health and Hospital Service…ck of communication for staff and Queensland health patients Lack of equipment No induction of

EB9: Happy Pay Day!

This week is the second pay increase of the three-year EB9 agreement. Union members won these pay increases along with better rights at work! Share this image to celebrate!

Your feedback required regarding Digital Hospital.

Metro South Health have proposed changes to introduce the Digit…Manly Community Health Centre …See more info about that here. Metro South Health have recently advised us that the arrangemen
As you may have heard, Metro South Health have proposed changes to introduce the Digital Hospital project at Logan Hospital, Beaudesert Hospital and the new Wynnum-Manly Community Health Centre (Gundu Pa). See more info about that here.

QML: Undertakings have been made

overtime will be paid in accordance with the Health Professionals and Support Services Award
On Tuesday, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) had yet again been in contact with QML to seek undertakings with regards to the certification of your agreement.

Together News! An Update for all DET Union Members

y Management Consultant role. Organisational Health have committed to update us on the outcome o

Digital Hospital update – Your feedback requested

Metro South Health Consultative Forum at 1… know what you think. Email your feedback to healthManly Community Health Centre

Union News: August 2017

Public Service Queensland Health Schools
Union News for August

Ramsay members - Negotiations for your new agreement have started

and email you changes or additions to privatehealthby contacting your union organiser at Privatehealthroved. This week negotiations for your new Health Practitioner Agreement started. Ramsay Ma

CQU EB Update

separation on grounds of ill health from 2 months to 6 weeks notice

Together News - July 2017

 one for Queensland Health ask them to join your union. Queensland Health Members secure their well… Health workers received their backpay for their new

Schools: Term 3 Update

with the Health Practitioner pay scale
Are you ready to celebrate the great work you do in your school? School Support Staff Recognition Week is nearly here! 31 July-4 August

Participate in the QPS Our People Matter strategy

the QPS developing a strategy to improve the health a strategy being developed to improve the health

Protective service member updates and OST Training dispute.

lex Scott wrote this letter to the Workplace Health and Safety regulator to request that an insp…nces under the relevant sections of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. We have been contact

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