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Have you say now on AO and OO wages and conditions

Allied Healthrced onto individual contracts. Together Health Practitioners are standing up for their wage

Bringing back patient pyjamas

hearing from members across Metro North that health workers have had enough of seeing patients s…rgued. It has been a costly exercise by the Health Minister

Fatigue Management

  Fatigue management Hospital and Health Services are required to have an open and tr…ent fatigue management strategy in place for health practitioners and dentists. Any fatigue

2.2% Wage Increase

ell Newman and the politicians while forcing Health employees like you to take just 2.2

ACC report back update

s organisational health and workforce capability area has considerab…ue if we want quicker progress. Workplace Health and Safety

It's Award week

allowances and entitlements. The proposed Health Practitioners and Dental Officers …Queensland Healthred by the Commission and so have Queensland Health. Here

Together LCCH Update

nagement advising the following timeframes. Health Practitioners…s Health Queensland who have not secured a position i…blem for staff and patients. Please email health

Extension of Ordinary Hours

and that Allied Health employees also be required to work ordinary …king Saturdays can be expanded beyond Allied Health by the Mater at any time.

Parental Leave

uity and workforce participation of women in health professions.   In addition

Survey -- Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Services

health care and the exceptional professionals who m…on we have amazing facilities and incredible health workers in every corner of Queensland. At…tacks have been mounted against health workers who insist on putting patients ahead

Did our salaries just drop 10?

no. Many of us have been reviewing the new Health Practitioner and Dental Officer Award …s union members we negotiate with Queensland Health. Those rates still apply to us and will o

Time is ticking on our agreement

nded the negotiation meeting with Queensland Health about your wage increase and changes to your… conditions for Health Practitioners. I was accompanied by fellow

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