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Important for Medical Officers - Monday 18 May

relationship between public doctors and the health system
Queensland Parliament is considering legislation to restore rights for medical officers working in QH and to get rid of the forced unfair contracts. However with a hung Parliament we need to act quickly.

Meeting with Minister O’Rourke

workplace health and safety and conditions of employment and
Member Update from the Together Delegation

Send an email now to stop the attack on your entitlements

ployer based schemes cover the 6 months that health experts and the Productivity Commission show
In a spectacular backflip, Tony Abbott has turned his back on working parents and paid parental leave (PPL) in the lead up to today's 2015 Federal Budget announcement.

Special update: legislative change for medical officers

SMSA meeting please email Dan Goldman at health
Earlier today I emailed all members about changes to the industrial relations legislation moved in Parliament yesterday and the launch of a Together campaign to support the Bill’s passage through the Parliament. This is a special update on the impact of t…

Bring on the Vote Meetings

12.30pm   Friday 22 May Qld Health Meadowbrook Payroll… 12.30pm Qld Health Chermside Galleria Payroll… Queensland Health 12.30pm Ipswich Community Health

Health Payroll issues

f resign. Work loads Rostering Work place health and safety Task based processing…g lines for SPO to Team leader Occupational Health and Safety Staff training and Performance D

Update for Doctors

d our initial two meetings of the Queensland Healthchanged. He committed that the Department of Health will take a consultative and considered appr…Public Health

Together QHealth Payroll Update

r union delegates will be writing to the new Health Minister asking him to meet urgently about t…her payroll pain for all staff in Queensland Health. These concerns include

Excellent news for staff at CQHHS thanks to your action

e union office have advised the Minister for Health of the no confidence motion. Yesterday Toge…a backflip today and an announcement from CQ Health that there will not be job cuts in the servi

Health Minister wants to examine all of the problems at LCCH

the Minister for Health announced a comprehensive review into the su…e and kept things going. It was noted by the Health Ministers office that the Together delegatio
On Sunday, the Minister for Health announced a comprehensive review into the substantial concerns that have been raised about the commissioning and operation of Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital. This is an important announcement which resulted from months…

Rockhampton Health Rally Wednesday Afternoon

Together members in the Central Queensland Health and Hospital Service are tired of being take

Our meeting with the Minister

ad problems on night shifts problems with Q Health providing nurses at correctional centres of

Your wages in Qhealth

me progress was made in talks this week with Health as per our email on Tuesday.  The settlem

Breakthrough for HP/DOs?

Queensland Health are set to agree to reinstate your job secur… your Together delegates met with Queensland Health and finally the negotiators from QHealth wer

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