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What about my entitlements?

nt has committed to increases in funding for health and education services
It is good to have a government in power in Queensland that acknowledges the necessity of funding public services for our community.

This week. For a better deal

t and dignity and to restore fairness. The Health Minister has the power to show you respect a…eting with Together delegates and Queensland Health took place

Hunter Review Steering Committee

HSCI Scott James Mental Health and AoD David Gould HP EHO Communicable Dis…nager Project Delivery Capital Projects Unit Health Infrastructure Branch

MOCA3 has expired - important update on your conditions

with Queensland Health proposing that we try to reach agreement by …approved position from Queensland Healthother matters in your claims that Queensland Health appear to be prepared to agree to

SMO Update: More detail

Email health on call and recall. Queensland Health have now provided data on the … recall. We are exploring with Queensland Health any changes that could be made to recall rat

VMO Update

contracts for VMOs continue to be set by the Health Employment Directive…ldman in our union office on 1800 177 244 or health commitments from Queensland Health to

JMO Update

vocationally registered RMOs. Queensland Health needs approval from Cabinet for items with a…illion over the next three years. Queensland Health has advised that it is committed to PD and t

HP DO: It's 30 June - Where is your pay increase?

e fairness. It is within the power of the Health Minister to settle these issues and to make … not later. The last percentage pay rise Health Practitioners received was in October 2013.

Report on the DEWS ACC Meeting held on 26 June 2015

ack on the outcome of that meeting. DEWS Health and Wellbeing action plan The Manager…healthhealth

Immediate action needed for Payroll staff - lack of consultation about change

You are essential to our Health system. Your employer should support you wit… will be sent to Acting Director General for Health Dr Young today …eking a meeting with the Director General of Health to discuss the ongoing issue of lack of cons
You are essential to our Health system. Your employer should support you with good conditions and reasonable workloads and most of all consulting you about changes occurring in your workplace.

Hunter Review Implementation – Update for Together members

d some feedback right now please email us at health
You and other Together members have been discussing the implications and potential impacts of the Hunter review at the meetings held at QHB and Butterfield Street last week. We have also received email feedback about the report at the union office. Thank …

Hunter Review Steering Committee

HSCI Janet Cumming EHO Scott James Mental Health and AoD David Gould HP EHO Communicable Dis… and you wish to nominate please email us at health

MPs voted but where is the HPDO pay rise?

ted. Click HERE to sign a petition to the Health Minister to ask for urgent action on making …real change happen for you as health workers. We don

Health Minister: Act now for HP wages and conditions

ask the Health Minister… We ask that the Minister and Queensland Health management act immediately to provide a fair…ions for HPs and DOs. These delays have seen health workers fall behind and have jeopardised qua
Sign the petition for fair wages and a new collective agreement for HPs and DOs.

The bill is passed, what now for doctors?

llot box. In the words of the Minister for Healthship between those charged with managing the health system and those entrusted with the care of … but it is the patients of Queensland Health that are truly victorious

Important – have your say about a restructure in this Health Disctrict

irector positions to include whole of Allied Health portfolios The transfer of 1 Allied Health to have your say about the future of Allied Health in Redcliffe
Together representatives have been presented with documents about a proposed implementation plan and summary business case to change the operational and professional reporting lines for Redcliffe Hospital and the Caboolture and Kilcoy Hospitals.

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