Anglicare Overtime Survey

One of the key issues we know is affecting administration officers in Anglicare is the lack of career paths and higher level classifications to aspire to. It’s one of the key claims your representatives are raising in the negotiations for your new Collective Agreement.

Anglicare management are disputing these claims and say extra levels of classification are not required.

Anglicare says that further pay points aren’t justified as there is no requirement for higher level skills or qualifications compared to allied health and nursing staff.

We know this isn’t true, we know that not only are admin staff highly skilled and qualified, but that you are regularly going above and beyond your regular scope of work to ensure the care of your clients. It's time that Anglicare acknowledged this additional work you are doing and started discussing ways to recognise it.

That is why we need to tell Anglicare exactly what skills you have, what duties you are doing outside of your position description and why extra classification levels are needed to compensate you for the work you do.

Use the form below to send your message to Anglicare. Together will collated the information and take it to the negotiation table with Anglicare. All information you provide will be made anonymous.

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