Respect us: Respect our work

Administrative, Operational, Professional and Technical staff in Health keep our hospitals running and health services going.

Without support and professional staff in Health no clinical work could be done – so why does it feel like this group are always left behind?

On 1 September AOs, OOs, TOs and POs are due a wage rise.

The Palaszczuk government have committed to pay public servants fairly and link politicians' wage rises to public servants. But the politicians don’t have to wait months for a wage rise to come though.

On Thursday 20 August Peter Patmore, from Queensland Health, one of the most senior managers in the Department said "we have taken no steps" to secure a pay rise for these essential Health staff despite having been asked for urgent action. 


Our union wrote to the Health Minister on 3 August when it became clear that bargaining talks couldn't start and made the point then, loud and clear: we expect a pay rise on time.

A meeting is scheduled on Friday 28 August to discuss the pay increase.

It's important that every worker is their priority. Failing to pay Queensland Health staff fairly and on time is not good enough.

Add your support for the ward clerks, pathology assistants, allied health assistants, payroll staff, patient travel staff, librarians and all the administrative, technical, professional and operational workers in Health.

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It's time for fair pay for all.