Council meeting

Our union has an Executive elected by members. The members of Together's Executive are listed below:

Alex Scott — Secretary
Vivienne Doogan — President
Julie Bignell — Assistant Secretary
Kate Flanders — Assistant Secretary

Peter Cattach — Senior Vice-President
Ruth McFarlane — Senior Vice-President
Sharon Abbott —  Junior Vice-President
Christine Collyer — Junior Vice-President
Paul O’Driscoll — Junior Vice-President
Peter Devey — Treasurer
Gordon Murray — Assistant Treasurer
Sandy Donald — Executive Member
Cameron Brown — Executive Member
Jason Hunt — Executive Member
Rod Miles — Executive Member
Jo O’Shanesy — Executive Member
Angie Saville-Balsamo — Executive Member
Barry Stark — Executive Member
Mark Starkey — Executive Member
Elizabeth Barnes — Executive Member 
Eva Foster — Executive Member 
Maureen McKirdy — Executive Member 


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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