Vivienne Doogan addressing Council

Together Council is the supreme decision-making body for our union, made up of elected delegates from all areas of our union. Council either makes or endorses key decisions in relation to union policy and activities, including union rules, fee structures, support for specific campaigns, and plans for future union growth.

The most important principle guiding our union’s democratic processes is that the delegates who are affected by a decision are the ones who should make that decision.
Collective agreement campaigns are led by delegates who consult with their members and make the key decisions relating to how the campaign will run. For example, delegates from the Core Public Service agencies will decide on the strategy for the collective agreement campaign for that area.

As a large body, Council elects committees to consider policy issues in depth and then report back with recommendations to the larger body.  These include the Community Engagement Committee, the Regional Issues Committee, Finance Committee, and the Ombudsman’s Committee.

Under the rules of the union, different Council delegates are allocated weighted votes depending on the number of members they represent. Most decisions of council require a simple majority to amend, but decisions relating to the rules require a two-thirds majority and are conducted via postal ballot.

Meetings of Council take place in Brisbane. There are four Council meetings a year, chaired by the President. Elections to Union Council are held every four years.
For more on how union Council operates, you can read the Together rules, available on our website.

The Together Executive members also sit on Council. Council meetings are chaired by the union President- Vivienne Doogan.

Our Council meetings are subject to Meeting Procedures.

Together Council Meeting

Below is a list of Councillors. Please note Executive is also part of Council.

Sharon Abbott
Martin A'Bell
Dolores Adams
Kay Alexander
Billie-Jo Alexander-Bridges
Peter Ashby
Denis Auberson
Michele Bailey
Trevor Baker
Helen Bannerman
Rachel Barley
Elizabeth Barnes
Chris Barrett
Anne-Maree Bergel
Julie Bignell
Jennifer Bishop
Diana Bissett
Tahnee Boldarin-Love
Christina Bonenfant
Stephen Bonnick
Ray Booker
Trevor Boone
Susan Brassel
Gregory Brazier
Cameron Brown
Errold Bryant
Stephen Buchanan
Kate Burke
Alan Burt
Ross Butler
Michelle Byard
Colin Callaghan
Chris Carman
Phillip Carswell
Peter Cattach
Kerry Celledoni
Andrew Coates
Lynette Cobb
Jamie Coburn
Grant Cockburn
Pamela Coles
Daniel Collins
Anthony (Tony) Collins
Christine Collyer
Simon Conlon
John Costello
Pamela Cotterall
Simon Cox
Gary Crosland
Margaret Crowther
Sarah Crundall
Michael Cullen
Sean Curley
Alex Cutts
Brian Dalton
Shane Daly
Marie Davey
Jim Davies
Dianne Degney
Justin Desmond
Peter Devey
Sue Dinning
Alexander Donald
Vivienne Doogan
Sallyanne Doyle
Matthew Dunford
Kayleen Dwyer
Marie Edwards-Giller
Peter Eickenloff
Ihab Erian
Karlene Evans
Perry Faint
David Farlow
Karen Faulkner
Zoe Fennell
Debra Fennell
Struan Ferguson
Mandy Fisher
Katherine Flanders
Kelly Flood
(Tom) Thomas Flood
Eva Foster
Christine Fox
Brian Fuller
James Gannon
Madonna Gentry
Simon Gideon
Dominic Ginley
Carla Gorton
Paul Goulevitch
Deborah Green
Andrew Grodecki
Judith Guley
Mary Haire
Ron Hale
Kenneth Hall
Kelleigh Hall
Ross Hall
Damien Hamwood
Rodney Harris
Michael Hart
Bill Harvey-Walker
Edward Hayton
Barbara Heath
Jan-Maree Hewitson
Stephen Hinkler
Wayne Hinton
Ros Hirst
Simone Hitchcock
Bronwen Hodges
Catherine Hogarth
Janine Hope
David Horn
George Horold
Peter Hughes
Andrea Hull
Jason Hunt
Norman Jacobsen
Trudy Jacobsen
Simon James
Belinda Johnson
Susan Johnston
Damian Jones
Graham Jones
Vicki Jordan
Kathleen Josey
Bridget Kelly
Robert Kelly
Renee Kempin
Peter Keys
Angela King
Peter Knack
Philip Kyson
Helen Langford
Vicki Larner
Wendy Lawrence
Cathy Leftwich
Tiziana Licastro
Colin Liddell
Raymond Lihou
Stephen Louwrens
Tim Lowrey
Christine Lowrie
Brendan Lynch
Michael Mahon
John Marhin
Trish Martin
Wayne May
Ian McCulloch
Kim McDavid
Ruth McFarlane
Stephen McGinley
David McInnes
Maureen McKirdy
Gary McMahon
Kevin McNulty
Geraldine Mein
Craig Melchior
Barbara Melville
Bruce Mercer
Rodney Miles
Ian Miller
Megan Miller
Barry Millwood
Cassandra Milmlow
Perry Mitchell
Catherine Moller
Serah-Jane Morgan
Jon Morris
Jo-Ann Muller
Zac Murphy
Gordon Murray
William Nason
Patricia Neill
Gavin Neville
Stephanie Nguyen
Christina Nipperess-Sims
Paul O'Driscoll
Linda O'Gorman
Emma Olssen
Todd O'Rourke
Joanne O'Shanesy
Janette Papani
Ian Parker
Scott Parrington
Alana Pasteur
Lynette Payne
Josephine Peat
Karl Peeters
Manuel Pereira
Kevin Place
Sara Powell
Suzanne Price
Christine Radke
Paul Ready
Eileen Redmond
Lachlan Rich
Kirsten Richards
Dennis Richardson
Robert Rigg
Darren Roach
Gary Roberts
Stuart Roberts
Peter Robertson
Michelle Robertson
Perry Robinson
Linda Robinson
Peter Roche
Melinda Rose
Lynn Rowsell
Shirley Roy
Andrew Ryan
Matthew Ryan-Sykes
Helen Ryan-Sykes
John Sant
Angie Saville-Balsamo
Debra Scott
Alexander Scott
Suellen Sellwood
Julieta Serantes-Pena
Robyn Sharpe
Ryan Sheedy
Joseph Simon
Sylvia Smith
Pauline Spackman
Harry Spiegler
John Stack
Barry Stark
Janet Starkey
Mark Starkey
Kerri-Ann Stedman
Lyn Stephens
Patrick Stevenson
Mark Streten
Leaza Stritzke-Fontana
Kim Sunarjana
Daniel Sweeney
John Szandurski
Adrian Tantari
Mark Taylor
Debra Thomas
Shanti Thompson
Kirsteen Thomson
Amanda Timmers
Jeanetta Tolu
Trevor Toon
Emma Tovell
Robyn Treloar
John Treloar
Lee Tripcony
Larry Turner
Ross Uhlmann
Kathleen Wacker
Kim Walder
Angela Walsh
Gregory Walters
Mark Weber
Ellen Weber
Debra Weekes
Matthew Weinert
Helen West
Ronald West
Paul Whitfield
Sylvia Whittaker
Rowena Wichman
Derek Willie
Heather Wilson
Danielle Wilson
Maria Wingrove
Shawn Wondunna-Foley
Marta Wood
Peter Yates
Debra Young
Arthur Young
Brad Zeller
Debra Weekes
Matthew Weinert
Helen West
Ronald West
Paul Whitfield
Sylvia Whittaker
Rowena Wichman
Derek Willie
Heather Wilson
Danielle Wilson
Maria Wingrove
Shawn Wondunna-Foley
Marta Wood
Peter Yates
Debra Young
Arthur Young
Brad Zeller

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